Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge – Beast & Day

The words Ronovan asked us to included in a haiku for this week challenge, I thought were challenging in themselves. 

Ronovan's Weekly Haiku Challenge

I had to turn to looking at some old photographs to get the inspiration to write the haiku, and it was actually 04:33 Wednesday morning when the words all fell in to place.  I haven’t named this haiku as I thought Ronovan would have fun coming up with a name for it.

Beast and Day haiku for Donovan's weekly haiku challengeWhere did the beast go?

Oh, those youthful days of mine

It’s under control

Thanks to Ronovan for hosting this great challenge every week.  Many people are joining in, so why don’t you come and join in the fun?

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30 thoughts

  1. You’re good, Roberts, oh you’re good. But don’t think I’m not inspired by this. Oh no siree. Or is it yes siree? I’m losing the plot. Was there a point? Oh, yes. Damn good go. Damn good. If I didn’t know better I’d say really damn fine. Damn you!!
    Love it!!


    1. Well I’m cocker-hoop to hear that, Mr Leopard. You give me the “get up and go” to get this haiku out. I was not very happy that your “get up and go” got me up at 04:30 in the morning, but that beast that came to mind when writing this, very often never got home until that time of the morning in those days. I better say no more, otherwise I’ll have all sort of questions being asked.

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    1. Thanks. Claudette. Moustaches were all the rage for us gay guys in those days. If you didn’t have one, it was thought to be kind of odd. They seem to be making something of a come back in the gay world (so I hear). “What comes round, goes around” so goes the saying.

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  2. I LOVE your haiku Hugh! It’s often the way that words will come in the wee hours of the morning. Ah! …. the life of a writer. 😊 Great poetry – keep up the good work. I re-read this poem several times over as it resonated with me so much. Well done.

    And I have just now seen your Mildred Award Logo – it looks Amazing!!! (If I say so myself. Lol!). Thank you so so much Hugh – I couldn’t stop looking at it. This is really the best thing that has happened to me since I started my blog. Collaboration is such fun. It doubles the joy.

    Thanks also for the shoutout. And thank you for making my week. 😄

    Have the very best of weekends Hugh.

    Here’s a toast to you with my glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Clink! 🍷

    Happiness always my dear friend.

    From Maria xx


    1. That’s a lovely compliment to pay about my haiku, thank you, Maria. I don’t know about you, but wanting to write all the time either keeps me awake at night or wakes me up at an unearthly hour. I can only presume that even while we are asleep, the cogs of creativity are still turning. Mine may well need some oiling soon! 🙂

      Yes, I did the work on the Mildred Award logo last night. I’d wanted to get it done earlier in the week, but time kept beating me to it, so last night was quiet and I got to work on it. I think it looks absolutely great, and thank you so much again for sketching it and allowing me to use it. I’m so very, very, pleased with it. It will remain there on my blog for many, many months so anybody new visiting me can take a look.

      I’ll be toasting a glass or two of a bottle of red to you this evening. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I hope the week ahead brings you even more happiness and pleasure.

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      1. You are most welcome Hugh. 😊 I think the logo looks just great too. The words and picture look splendid. I’m honoured that you are using my sketch. Thank you.

        Enjoy your red wine and your weekend.

        Happy days. 😊 x


  3. Looks are deceiving
    Your image is beguiling
    Eyes betray the beast

    HUGH all this time we’ve been friends you let me think you are in your twenties now! Then you let it slip that you worked at Selfridges. Hmm!?! And now you show me a photo of a young man and tell me it’s you at 27. Isn’t it prerequisite for all youth to have their beastly times, else how could we appreciate the ordinary, the peace and calm.


    1. Well, what can I say except thank you very much, Meredith 🙂

      Yes, I was at Selfridges for three years but, boy, were they wonderful years. I really should write all those memories down and publish them, but you and countless others may be a tad shocked 🙂

      I quite agree that youth brings out the beast in us all (well almost all of us). I’m not quite sure where that beast goes, but maybe as we grow older we get to tame the beast and only let it out of its cage once in a while? There’s a lot to think and wonder about there. 🙂

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  4. Oh !! You make me think about the Jude Law version of Watson ! (and that’s a compliment, believe me ;-)). And your Haiku put a big smile on my face, I’m now ready for my morning coffee ! Have a nice day !


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