Black and White Photography Challenge: Day 4

Elizabeth, over at Tea and Paper, recently invited me to complete the five-day Black and White photo challenge.  I’d never dreamt of taking photos in black and white anymore, until I got Elizabeth’s invite, and I have learnt so much not only from taking the photos but also from all the comments you have left me on my previous three days’ submissions for this challenge.  What I’m also very happy to hear, from some of you, is that some of the photos I have submitted have been inspirational for new short stories.  That has to be music to the ears of any photographer when they are told their work is inspirational and is sparking off new creative ideas.

There are only two rules for the black and white photography challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in black and white.
2. Each day invite another blogging friend to join in the fun.

Today, I’m bending the rules of the challenge slightly, and am submitting two photographs for you because I could not decide which of the two to submit. The first photo was taken on the same foggy morning as yesterday’s photo but, by the time I took it, the fog was lifting.  You’ll notice the appearance of a certain dog in both these photos and, in this first photo, two of his doggie friends and their owners had moments earlier said goodbye to us and can be seen in the distance.

Foggy Morning Walk with Toby

This next photo was taken this morning, which was cold, frosty and sunny. What I like about this photo are the shadows the sun was casting of the railings.  I’ve learnt that photos of shadows seem to be far better when taken in black and white.

Frosty, Cold, Sunny, Morning walk with Toby

Do you have a favourite out of these two photos?  Maybe you think I should have used just the one?

Today, I’d like it invite Peggy, at Oak Trees Studio, to take up the five-day black and white photography challenge.  Another winner of my recent Mildred Awards, Peggy publishes some wonderful photography on her blog.  Yesterday she posted a photo of some snowdrops which, here in the UK, are usually the sign that we have turned a corner and are leaving Winter behind while welcoming Spring to our land.  She is also is very talented in the arts and crafts area especially when it comes to re-covering chairs using a tool known as a ‘hooky’.  Check out the two posts she has recently published to learn what she does and see the results of her work, by clicking here and here.

You can view the photos I have submitted for this challenge so far by clicking on the links below.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Of course blogging is all about fun, so the invite to take up the challenge is optional to all those I am nominating this week.

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  1. Reblogged this on Meredith's Musings and commented:
    Ladies and gentlemen my friend Hugh’s day 4 entry for black and white photography challenge. It makes a difference when you can get out to find interesting subject matter! I like them both, but the second with the shadows of the fence is beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much for the reblog, Meredith.

      Interesting spilt on this one as to which photo was preferred by those that left a comment. But isn’t that what makes life interesting?

      I was so lucky in getting all of my shots within a week of participating in the challenge. Thanks to Elizabeth, at Tea and Paper, for recommending a great app for the iPhone to take the pictures with.

  2. Hugh, my favourite is the top photo, in fact it’s my fav of all the photos you’ve posted in the challenge. Toby looks as if he really wants to run after his friends but he’s not going to because he’s a loyal dog, too. That’s the story your photo tells me.

    1. Thanks, Jill.

      Toby is a very loyal dog and I know he would do all he could to protect me but, on that morning I took the photo, he was still wanting to play and was on the lookout for some more four legged friends to chase after him. The fact that you picked up he is a very loyal dog from the photo makes me very pleased that I took and published the photo, because that is exactly what he is. 🙂

      Thank you for your lovely comment. It is so nice to hear how real life can come through photography.

  3. Since I began taking part in black and white photo challenges, I’ve found myself looking at different components of the pictures I take. It looks like Toby is a willing participant. That’s great! 🙂 I like the fog in the background of the first and the shadows in the second.

    1. Thanks, Kat. I’ve been exactly the same in looking on how some photos can be so different when taken in B&W, compared to colour. It is amazing what kind of an effect taking a photo in B&W can have on it. I’m so pleased I got invited to participate in this challenge, by Elizabeth, because I have learnt so much from it.

      Toby usually decides to move at the wrong moment, but I was lucky with the top photo in this post because he stood there just long enough. He was on the look out for another dog to play with.

    1. Yes, he thinks he does, Maria, and is now asking for royalties in payment of dog biscuits. 🙂

      Somebody did ask me once if I would consider entering him in a competition to become a feature in a commercial for a pet store, but I think he’d cause to much chaos with the photographers, lighting engineers and makeup artists. Heavens, I dread to think what would happen in the studio.

      I’ll be checking out your photo for day two shortly, especially as it sounds as if it has a sci-fi theme 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, I love them both for different reasons. The first has the best atmosphere, it seems to tell a story, but the second has magnificent lighting, and I love the way you’ve included the detail of the path close up.

    1. Thanks, Juli. Glad you like them both, because I do as well and that’s why I had to include both photos on this post. The challenge says only one photo should be posted per post but I just could not decide which one to use.

    1. Well, I’m glad you left a comment and told us which one you liked the best. It’s been an interesting debate between everyone who has left comments, on this post.

      Thank you for your kind words about Toby, our dog. He can be quite a model when he wants to be.

  5. I like the first one best Hugh, Toby seems to be pondering what to do now his friends are disappearing into the distance. It has a lovely depth to it and I love the branch outlines. All up a great photo in my opinion.

    1. Another vote for the first photo 🙂

      It’s been a spilt vote on this one, Claudette, and the first photo was the only one I was originally going to use. Toby was on the look out for more dogs to chase him in that photo. He’s always wanting to be chased and I think he gets that from me in my younger days 🙂

  6. Hi Hugh, love both, but my favourite is the second one, the lines, the light, everything perfect! The first one of course can be the back cover of your new horror book, but the second one is perfect for a romantic story, maybe in the 40’s or 50’s.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m just so loving this challenge and can’t believe I’ve reached its last day, today. I’m now in the mitts of deciding which photo to publish as I’d like to go out on a high if I can 🙂

      You got me thinking about book covers as well, and stories to write with the photos acting as a prompt. Thanks for your prompts.

  7. I was pleased when I read your comment to Serins about his asking for royalties because I was about to ask if you had obtained his permission. It is customary to pixilate of course which sounds a bit like what Dog does most in the first ten minutes of any walk on each gate post we come to. There’s something existential about photo one – his Camus like resignation at how the world and his friends are leaving him again – every departure is but another death – but there’s hope too in that sturdy presenting – his head is raised, he is in control of his tumultuous emotions, he will overcome and endure, he is needed. Onward to glory and beyond! Picture two sucks by comparison. Just saying. *makes Mutley like snigger*

    1. He thinks he owns that park and the one just down the road from us. He sees both as his garden, which I am glad they are not given the work my partner (The Lawyer) would have to do, but then I’m guessing he would not mind as he rather enjoys digging, planting and watering. Thank goodness for that as otherwise I would be interviewing Gardeners would I may just like doing 🙂

      As for dog, well in that first photo he was on the look out for more dogs to play with. Like me, in my younger days, he enjoys being chased but, once caught, loses interest quickly. 🙂

      You’ll be amazed by the spilt vote on these two photos. I seem to have started a debate.

      1. I really liked them both. And n the subject of gardeners Peter (dance teacher) so fancies Nathan (our gardener) that we’ve had to ban Peter because we never see any work when Peter pops round for a chat!

        1. I can hear that ‘Mutley’ laugh when you say you like them both. Are you sure? Well, OK then 🙂

          Can we have a post on Nathan the Gardener please? And some pictures (and not just of the flowers!)

        2. This makes very interesting reading and I can see that dog was very taken aback by the ice bucket challenge (Thanks goodness I didn’t know you then). So, I’m guessing the pond is still not finished? I hope you found that fox who caused all the problems.
          As for Nathan, he shouldn’t bend down like that. :O

        3. Sadly the pond went into hibernation but we are raring to go now the weather is perking up. April 7-9 is set for the Return of The Pond: Sand Apocolypse – in a hole near you. I promise I’ll get him all sweaty and… Hugh? Hugh? Are you ok?

  8. I prefer the 1st one. It has a deeper range of tones. I find the 2nd one feels a little too bright, perhaps a touch overexposed; though it was probably just the andle of the light.

    1. Thanks, Norm. Yes, the second one was taken in bright sunlight whereas the first one was a foggy day which was lifting into low cloud. I’ll be honest and say that I was only going to publish the first one, but I took the second photo this morning and then just could not decide.

  9. your dog really pulls the eye of your viewer in the first picture into the photograph. I like that one more. 🙂

  10. I think on balance I prefer the second image, Hugh, though both are delightful. It is funny the way black and white photos actually enhance the mood, particularly if it is a mysterious or sombre of scary one. Yes, I do think it was right for you to do both – because, in a sense, they are giving priority to two very different things. In the first one, the trees are the main ‘characters’ of the silent story; in the second, it is the light which dominates.
    Loved both. xxx

    1. Lovely descriptions, thank you so much, Ali. Ever since I started this challenge I’ve been amazed by the photos I am taking in B&W. I’m not sure if you saw yesterday’s photo but it certainly shouted out ‘moody’ from all the comments I got about it. Black and white certainly does change the mood of a photo. If you look at the photo from day two, even though it was taken last month in a gale force nine gale and temperatures near freezing, the B&W has made some people think it was taken on a warm summers day.

      1. How very ironic, Hugh – just goes to show that we do create our own reality. I think the black and white challenge is a great idea – and would get stuck in myself were it not for my new writing project! xxx

        1. Oh, hooray, so pleased to hear this, Hugh – and thank YOU for supporting me by buying it. xxx

    1. Thanks, Eric. I can remember black and white photos from way back, but now with all the new technology we have I’ve been amazed by just how detailed black and white photos are. Since participating in this challenge I’ve now become hooked to taking photos in B&W.

      1. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the cute photos of Toby but I can’t find where the comments section is, although people have made comments! It seems you changed your site…how do I make a comment?

        Still buried in DEEP snow here in New York State!

        1. Now that’s a bit of a mystery about not being able to leave a comment, Gretchen. Am I right in that you are referring to the post of my first day’s B&W photography challenge? If so, then I’ve just had a quick look at that post and the comments box is right at the bottom of all the other comments. There are 57 comments for that post so you may have to scroll down the page for some time to find the box. I’m not sure why it’s at the bottom of the page because I’m thinking it should appear at the top of any comments, so it may be something I need to look in to after checking out where the comments box is on other bloggers sites.

          Thank you for calling Toby cute. He’s very happy at being referred to as cute. However, he’s not always cute especially when it is bath time.

          Good luck with all that snow. I hope Spring arrives soon so you can get on with your daily life. Maybe we should call on Superman to use those laser eyes of his to melt all that snow?

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