Black and White Photography Challenge: Day 3

Elizabeth, over at Tea and Paper, recently invited me to complete the five-day Black and White photo challenge.  I’ve been truly amazed by the black and white photography of other bloggers who are participating in this challenge. Elizabeth, for example, took some great black and white photos and, yes, I did have my favourite.  Click here to find out which one I am referring to.

There are only two rules for the black and white photography challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in black and white.
2. Each day invite another blogging friend to join in the fun.

It’s day three of the challenge for me and I’ve gone all stark and eerie with my photo for today.  It was taken on a foggy morning last week while I was out walking our dog, Toby, in Hove Park.  If I ever write a ghost story, or maybe another horror story, I think this photo would make a great image for the front cover of the book.

Eerie Morning

What do you think?  Would it catch your eye in the bookstore or online?

Today, I’d like to invite Maria, at Maria Brinkley Artist , to take up the five-day black and white photography challenge.  Maria recently made my day when she sketched and posted the Mildred Award I awarded her, on her blog.  I was so taken aback by how the sketch turned out that I was jumping up and down for sheer joy for most of the day.  You can view her sketch of The Mildred Award by clicking here.  Maria is a very talented artist but she also takes wonderful photographs, many of which accompany her posts.  If you haven’t already done so, then please pay her blog a visit and marvel in the beautiful artwork and photography she has published.

You can view my photo for Day One of the challenge here.

You can view my photo for Day Two of the challenge here.

Of course blogging is all about fun, so the invite to take up the challenge is optional to all those I am nominating this week.

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    1. I think fog always brings a quietness to our surroundings. I felt like the dog and I were the only signs of life in that huge park that morning. Of course there were other people out walking dogs, but we had no sight of them because of the fog.

    1. The Pingback worked, Maria, so looks like you have that all set correctly to work. I choose to approve all comments on my blog, before they go live, so this also includes pingbacks. I’ve had quite a few spam pingbacks come through over time on here and I’m pleased to say they never get through because of the approval process I use. I’ll be checking out your post as I have also had email notification of it 🙂

      Thanks so much for taking up my invite to participate in the black and white photography challenge.

  1. Before I read your post I saw the pic and thought ‘That is a proper haunting photo’.
    As chavvy as that thought makes me sound, it is the first thing that came to mind. Love it!

    1. Not at all, Charlie. I’m glad you thought that because many others have said eerie, moody, sad, bleak and ghostly. I think it’s the black and white that makes the photo look eerie. Had it been in colour I don’t think it would have had such an effect.

  2. Hugh there are as many different ways of viewing a photo as there are people. 😊. I do not think the photo looks bleak as I actually love fog and it’s beautiful effects. (We hardly ever get fog here so it’s a rare treat!). I think fog is artistic and changes the look of everything.

    I’m glad you are having fun with black and white photography. It works especially well with some subjects – like architecture. I’m working on my Day One photo post as we speak!

    Apparently this heat wave is only for today. 😥. The weather has been pretty good lately. All the same swimming will be a top idea tomorrow with all that warm water around. 😄. Thanks again for inviting me to this challenge, Hugh. Now back to my post. Cheers, Maria.

    1. I’m sure many people would agree with you as would disagree with you about fog, Maria. I enjoy walking in the fog and don’t actually mind it, but I do think the photo in black and white does make the whole photo look bleak. I have some colour photos here of the fog and they don’t look bleak compared to the ones in black and white. Well thats my opinion and I’m sure many would argue the case with me 🙂

      Enjoy your swim if you decided to go and, most of all, have fun with the black and white photography challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

      1. Oh now I get it … I just re-read your introduction about the photo making a great cover for a horror story. I agree. 😊. (I never meant to disagree. I was just musing about photos.)

        I wrote my comment in the searing heat this afternoon and had fond memories of fog.

        Mmmm ….. Love to see the coloured version of this photo Hugh. I have just been weighing up the difference between a coloured photo and the black and white version on my post. You can tell me which you prefer. 😊.

        Cheers and I very much look forward to your horror story. 😄

        1. That’s OK, Maria, no need for apologies, the heat has that effect on me as well 🙂

          I’m edging more towards a ghost story rather than a horror story (I think “Needles” rather put me off writing more horror).

        2. Ghost stories are great. There is a Doris Day movie called ‘Midnight Lace’ which begins in a thick fog in a park in London. It is really quite a terrifying film with a great twist at the end. 😊. It’s not a ghost story but a thriller.

  3. Wow Hugh! Perfect placement of the lonely little tree in your atmospheric photo. I can’t wait to read the story behind this photo …. It conjures up so many thoughts. 😊

    Thanks so much for inviting me to take up this photo challenge – I’m excited at the prospect! And thanks also for the lovely shoutout. I’m so glad my drawing made you happy. I love having fun with my art and it’s brilliant that you had fun with this too. 😊

    Just a note Hugh – today it’s going to be 37C and no breeze (Again!). Aren’t you glad you live in Hove? I wouldn’t mind a walk in your lovely foggy photo right now! Lol!

    Cheers and happiness always. Maria. xx

    1. Welcome to the black and white photo challenge, Maria. I hope you enjoying the challenge and please do have fun with it. It’s certainly taught me a lot, which I am very thankful for, as had I not been invited to do the challenge by Elizabeth over at Tea and Paper, then I would not have even have thought about taking photos in black and white. Now, I’m taking them all the time 🙂

      Yes, the photo seems to be attracting comments about how moody it is. That poor little tree does look very lonely and sad and the whole photo, I think it looks bleak. Everyone who is commenting says it would make a good book cover for a murder, ghost or horror story 🙂

      It must be real torture having temperatures like that, Maria. We occasionally get those temperatures during our summer and usually with humidity which makes the air so oppressive. I hope the Autumn arrives for you soon and brings cleaner fresher air for you.

      Take care, Maria, and I look forward to seeing your photos. 🙂

  4. Brilliant photo, Hugh. I love how you framed the bald tree. It looks so lonely on it’s own. And yes, you are right. It goes very well with a horror story, or a horror story photo book 😀 I would actually be very afraid to wonder out into the open there. Sure, the fog isn’t too thick but the atmosphere feels creepy… Hope nothing jumped out and gave your a fright that morning ^^’

    1. Thanks, Mabel. Do you get foggy days in Melbourne?

      Yes, that tree does look rather sad and lonely doesn’t it. There were a few more trees near by but they were just out of shot. I quite enjoy walking in the fog and we do get quite a few foggy days between October and April. Here in Hove we also get sea mist in the summer months, which has a cooling effect and is sometimes very welcome. However, you can drive a mile or so up the road and it’s blue sky and sunshine.

      We had a very pleasant walk that morning. No surprises or shocks I’m pleased to say 🙂

      1. If the temperature hovers close to zero, we do get foggy days. Probably about a few days each winter, and these days usually bring havoc to the airport. Usually the fog lifts around late morning. That’s Melbourne for you.

        Enjoy walking in the fog? You must like the cold then. Usually if I go out walking in the fog, my head gets a bit damp, which I’m not a fan of. Sea mist, that is something I’ve never heard of. you must be near the coast.

        1. I don’t mind the cold because you can wrap up against it, whereas with the heat there is only so many clothes you can take off to keep cool before getting arrested 🙂

          Yes, I live on the coast. Brighton and Hove is seaside city, so we have a pier, beach, lots of fish and chip shops, and it gets very busy in the summer months. Sea mist only affects us in the summer when the sea is cold and the land is hot. An onshore breeze usually brings in the mist, but it helps cool the day down a lot.

  5. Wow! This photo is perfect, your focus on that lonely tree is fabulous, great job! And yes it’s perfect for a horror story, a murder story! Thanks for linking and sharing my photo! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I almost did not use this photo, but I’m glad I did now. Even though I find the photo cold and eerie, I do quite like it, and a murder story sounds the perfect match for the photo as a book cover. I’m really enjoying this challenge and sad to see I’ve only got two more days of it left.

  6. I find foggy/misty photos mysterious … there is always the possibility of something lurking in the gloom – closer than you think – who knows what it is, or when it will perhaps spring out and take us by surprise! 🙂 I love your misty photo, Hugh – I could imagine it as a book jacket.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, Peggy, you never know what may be lurking around the corner in the fog. There’s a kind of ‘hush’ to the day when it’s foggy, although I do remember as a child that the Fog Horn would sound off when ever it was foggy, warning any approaching boats and ships that land was not to far away. Modern radar put an end to the Fog Horn which in itself also had an eerie sound to it.

  7. Nice atmospheric emptiness. The possibilities of what might happen are left to the imagination – the sun might break through, zombie kangaroos might hop in (although probably not in England) or two lovers may run in slow motion toward each other. Really my mind is full of (let’s not say the word). 🙂

    1. I’m getting lots of comments about how moody this photo is, Claudette. I find the photo quite eerie, although I’m not sure about zombie kangaroos in the fog, but certainly the photo cries out a murder, horror, or ghost story. I like your wide variation on what might happen next in the photo. Strangely, that morning, we did not bump into many people (or dogs).

    1. Well, I always say ‘we are all different’, Aimer. I would say eerie, but is that the same as creepy? I quite like foggy mornings because they have a stillness about them and you never know who you might just bump into.

      1. I love driving in fog. I keep hoping to turn a corner and see Dracula’s castle 🙂
        I think the part that said sad to me was the lone tree.
        Most of what we “see” is our interpretation of what is actually there. Makes life interesting 🙂
        I’m enjoying this black and white challenge of yours 🙂

        1. We get lots of fog here, but it’s nowhere near as thick as it was when I was a child. In those days fog was as thick as pea soup, and would last for days, if not weeks.

          Yes, I agree, the tree does look very much on its own and lonely doesn’t it? There were a few more trees just out of shot, but I only wanted that one tree in this shot. I’m beginning to like this photo more and more.

          Thanks Aimer. I’ve really enjoyed participating in this challenge. It’s certainly taught me a lot and I’m sad that the challenge ends for me, tomorrow.

  8. I shall now think of you as Hughless; somehow that feels very comforting but not very apt. Does that make sense? Probably not. Oh and btw, our ski instructor went down with some lurgy, well that’s what he said) and was replaced by a blond twenty four year old Austrian (cool down) young woman. I’ve chased her across the slopes all day. Exhausting. Lovely picture. Did I say that? Very creepy. Is that a fair summary of Hove? The only think that has ever happened to me in Hove was getting a speeding fine leaving. That was unintentional.

    1. Would you believe me if I told you that when that app came up in the search results, I just had to have it regardless of what it was. I mean it could have been an app for making a cat flap for a submarine or building an ice hotel in the desert, but I just had to have it.

      Yes, it makes sense. In fact a lot of sense to me, but maybe not to everyone, but I’m laughing, honestly I am, Geoff. 🙂

      Please put that poor Austrian ski instructor down and ask her if she can get me any tickets for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Vienna in May. Don’t blame me if your knees are not there when you wake up in the morning.

      Now what were we talking about?..ah, yes, the photo. Yes, I’m glad you think it is a bit creepy, because I do as well. No, Hove is not creepy, expect on a Saturday morning in the local high street called George Street (or as I like to call it Georgina Street).

      If I’d known about the fine, I would have asked my Police mates to let you off.

      1. I have always wanted to ‘do’ Eurovision; it must be the most fantastically ott evening going – like Liberace choreographing Prince Charles coronation or something.

        1. If you ever get tickets, please, please take me with you. It’s one of the last things left that I want to do. If the UK win (and we won’t) I’d be queueing up for tickets for the following year’s contest even if it meant camping out on the pavement 🙂

    1. Thanks, Andrew. I took this picture (and the other black and white photos for the challenge) using an app called ‘Hueless’ on my iPhone six. It takes the pictures in black and white, so no need to transfer them. I can highly recommend the app even though its name is somewhat how I feel sometimes.

      I’ve only just started to take photos in black and white after being invited to do this challenge and I must say that the results can be spectacular. The definition is way ahead of what it would have been had I taken the same shot in colour.

        1. yea! it is complicated… that I grant you are correct.. I was thinking of writing a post on the matter for next week…

        2. It would be so helpful to many people if you did. I’ve read some posts about how to publish a book but there is too much jargon and not enough straight forward plain English in them, so I give up half way through and never go back to them.

        3. yea, I may need some published authors help first… 🙂 I’ve got some friends. hopefully I can get the info … 🙂

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