The Blog Diet – How Did I do?

I recently put both myself and my blog on a diet, and the results have been very good.

The Hugh Diet - Chocolate anyone?

Let me talk first about the ‘Hugh Diet’, the one I am on.  On 5th January, I started to cut down on the size of my food portions for every meal.  I stopped eating between meals and for five days a week I would not eat anything after we’d eaten dinner.  I cut my alcohol intake but I still enjoyed a glass of wine some evenings.  I have a huge amount of chocolate from Christmas in the cupboard but I haven’t stopped eating it.  I’ll have a little, usually in place of a dessert at weekends.  When ever I get a sugar craving I’ll have a small square of chocolate to help take the craving away, although never eat more than two squares in a single day.  Had there been sugar patches available, would I have used them?  No!

What my diet has allowed me to do is to eat what ever I like, only in much smaller portions.  I’ve never been able to understand why anybody would put themselves through hell by choosing a diet which does not allow them to eat the things they enjoy eating.  Isn’t part of life about being able to enjoy yourself?  When you enjoy yourself isn’t that when you experience happiness? When you put yourself through hell or do something you don’t want to do, isn’t the happiness chased away by whatever it is you are putting yourself through?  By allowing myself to eat what I want to eat (only in smaller portions), I’ve remained happy and ensured that I enjoy life.

Why I Put My Blog on a DietI do little if any exercise, apart from walking our dog, Toby.  However, my diet also included me going out on walks more often.  Whereas some days I would not walk Toby at all because John, my partner, was walking him, I now also join them on at least one of their walks.  My days of being in front of a computer screen for over six hours a day have long left my life.

Getting on the weighing scales this morning, I was delighted to see that my diet has helped me loose seven pounds (3.175 kgs).  Had I gone to the gym I know I probably would have ended up loosing much more weight, but I do not like going to the gym and, unlike my diet, why do something that I do not want to do?  I want to spend my time doing what I enjoy doing and, no, that does not include doing housework, because that has to be done (I know a few of you would disagree with me).  I feel healthier, sleep better, and the back pain which I regularly suffered from seems to have disappeared.

So what about the diet I put my blog on?  Well, that ended after three days and, like the “Hugh Diet”, I’ve had great results.  I now have far more time to read posts and to write.  Yes, I read blog posts everyday.  Yes, I leave comments every day and, yes, I press the ‘like’ button at least once a day.  I retweet a lot, I interact with the blogs I follow, I become part of their blogging community, I meet new bloggers on blogs I follow, my viewing figures have gone up, and the number of followers my blog has, has also gone up.

Hugh's Views And NewsAt first I lost a few followers because of what I was making my blog do on its diet.  I had a few negative comments about how cruel I was being to my blog. I was told that I shouldn’t be meddling in something which I knew nothing about, and I was even told that within a month my blog would no longer exist. Well, here I am a month later, more followers than I’ve ever had, and still getting so much enjoyment out of blogging.  What I’ve learnt from putting my blog on a diet is that I no longer let it rule my life.  If it becomes too big it will turn into a monster, and that monster may just chase me away after causing me a lot of stress and to cause my blog to burnout.

I’ve also learnt to cut down on the number of posts I was publishing and have come to the perfect balance of posting twice, maybe three times, a week.  I admire anyone who posts more than once a day and I follow many bloggers who do just that but, for me, I’ve now found my perfect publishing balance.

Many of you contacted me after reading my earlier post ‘Why I put my blog on a diet’, and told me that you were thinking of putting your blog on a diet. How did you do?  Did the diet work for your blog?  Is blogging sometimes still stressful, or is it all fun again after putting your blog on a diet?

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  1. Congratulations on your very sensible diet. I agree. I can’t stand it when my friends go on ridiculous diets that force them to give up everything they like which makes them very unhappy. They look fantastic but stress so much about weight when all they need do is stick to their portion controls, get exercise and be happy at the gradual healthy loss of weight.

    I’ve taken your advice on the blog and am in the process of trying to formalise days – like today is Book Tuesday and I have to get at least one chapter out for my current book. I’ve established Wensfriesday, my weekend coffe blog and introduced Saturday confessions. I’m finding it easier to do this so that I have less pressure on certain days when I’m working. It also leaves enough content to hopefully draw interest to my blog throughout the week. Thanks for sharing your idea Hugh. It is much better now and feels more enjoyable again. 😊

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    1. That is great to hear, Eloise. I hear too often of bloggers who are getting stressed out with keeping up with everything and we shouldn’t have to set ourselves targets we know we can not meet. After all, there is life outside of blogging and creating a perfect publishing balance really can help us to having the best of both worlds. We all came here to have fun and to enjoy writing and reading and making new friends. When the blog becomes a monster and starts causing problems, it either time to take action or to leave Planet Blog for good.

      I’m certainly still learning lots here and will be publishing anything else I think may help. I’m glad to hear the blog diet is working for you and your blog, and I’ll be over for Wensfriesfday tomorrow 🙂


  2. oh no! That is just mean! Put that chocolate on that plate in an envelope right this minute…… hmmmm chocolate!

    As for my blog, I’m still in the process of filtering. I’m going to be slowing down for a week or two while i work on a somewhat important post, and I want to make time for my book too, but I also want to grow my readership. I do what I can, and let the chips fall were they may, as they say!

    I’m glad your diets worked out for you. blogging and living needs to be fun after all. I know many bloggers who post about three times a week. It is a good number. Blog burn out isn’t fun and will ruin your writing.

    You already have an excellent community here. I foresee your blog growing from strength to strength!


    1. Oops! sorry, Serins, but I know you know I was just highlighting the fact that you don’t have to put yourself through hell to sort some things out.

      Slowing down, or even taking a break from blogging, is a good thing to do. I should know because, as you know, I’ve done it 🙂 Just ensure you schedule a few posts while you are away. Believe me, you’ll come back with a huge sense of achievement after you’ve completed what ever it is you have planned during your blog break. Loyal followers won’t abandoned you just because you haven’t posted anything for a few days.

      Publishing a post two or three times a week is my perfect balance. I admire anybody who publishes a post, whether it be once a month or three times a day. We’re all different and will find our perfect balance.

      Thank you so much for your lovely words about my blog. It is people like you who make it all the more worthwhile for carrying on with blogging. Yes, I have a great community here, but it would not be here if it was not for such wonderful supportive people like yourself.

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  3. Well Done, Hugh! Your Hugh Diet certainly sounds like it was a success – I am not much of a ‘diet’ person, but I thought your approach sounded very sensible. I think taking more exercise is a good healthy lifestyle choice, but again I would agree that if we do exercise we enjoy, such as walking, we are much more likely to keep doing it. Gyms would bore me – there’s so much more to see and enjoy outside. Over the years I have found walking can really make a difference to general fitness levels, sleep and mental well-being.

    It sounds like your Blog Diet has gone really well too. I did put my blog on your Blog Diet … it needed it! Though I could still do with a few more hours in my day! 🙂
    (P.S. I’ve not forgotten about Bloglovin … it’s still on my ‘to do’ list 😉 )


    1. I’ve never once complained about the diet I put myself on, Peggy. In fact I’ve rather enjoyed it, and for the fact that I am sleeping better and have had no back pain for over three weeks now, it certainly seems to be working well for me. I enjoy all the walking as well. It certainly beats an hour at the gym getting all sweaty and…well let’s leave it there shall we? 🙂

      When ever anybody tells me that I’ve inspired them I do tend to blush and think to myself “what, me?” That is truly lovely to hear, as I have always been the kind of person that likes to think I have helped at least one person during the day.

      I’m glad to hear your blog has also been on a diet. Even if it has only helped a little, I think you’ll agree it’s very worthwhile. Those minutes are very precious.

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  4. Firstly let me congratulate you on the half stone – brilliant, I’m still in contemplation mode!
    Secondly, you inspired me with your first post about this, I realised I was feeling quite stressed at trying to visit, like and comment on posts. I’ve reduced the people I follow by 100 so far! You are right that blogging can become a monster, and it shouldn’t be so.
    I have decided I will write just for me, and once or twice a week suits me. There has to be a balance to life and blogging, and I already have a full time job.

    Thanks for the inspiration Hugh 🙂


    1. Thanks you, Amanda. I was really pleased with the result and I’m sticking to my diet for at least another month.

      Congratulations on putting your blog on a diet as well. I’m very pleased to hear that my previous post inspired you to take action. So far, the blog diet seems to have worked for those who tried it and we just have to remember to stick to it and to take a close look at the blogs we follow every so often and reduce those that never pay us a visit. Blogging is meant to be all about enjoyment and having fun, and the last thing we want to do is turn it into a monster which will chase us into the hills and cause blog burnout.

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  5. I love your attitude, Hugh; I find it very inspiring! Well done on the weight loss – that’s great – I know how difficult these things are! Your idea of the blog diet makes so much sense – and, if I can just put my fear to one side, I feel sure I can cut back too. It seems an eminently sane and sensible thing to be doing. I have, I confess, been so caught up in trying to sell copies of both books that I worn myself to a tearful frazzle. Not good. You are an example to us all.
    Great to see you again! Ali xxx


    1. Thank you, Ali.

      It was more the time it took me to put my blog on its diet than the fear factor that affected me. I knew I’d end up losing followers and I thought I’d get some negative comments about what I was doing, but I’m so pleased that I went ahead and did the blog diet because the results have spoken for themselves. Unfollowing can be a hard decision but when it frees up the time for me to visit blog that support me and gives me more time to write, it’s a real winner.

      I still don’t quite understand the logic for following a blog to never ever go back there, read the posts, comment, and interact with the host and their blogging community. It did not take long for me to find the pattern all these ‘follow trophy’ bloggers had, and I can now spot one a mile off just by checking out their about me page. 🙂

      Of course time is so precious and we all have other parts of our lives to deal with, but my blog diet has also helped me deal with balancing blogging and the other parts of my life. I wish you much success if you decide to try a blog diet as well. Do please let me know how it goes and, of course, let me know if I can be of any help.


  6. My diet happened accidentally, with work going into overdrive and other things in life right now distracting me. I don’t worry as much about blogging every day, though I hate being so far behind on reading other blogs and replying to comments. I blogged almost every day last year because I said I would (13 days short, I think)

    Other than April for the A to Z challenge, I am not planning on committing to every day or to very many challenges on a regular basis anymore. If I lose people, oh well. The ones I interact with regularly are the ones that get what’s going on and will be there, and I will keep reading their stuff too 🙂


    1. I was just like you, and let the WordPress reader become my Master, and I felt so bad in never being able to get to the top of it. I was reading blog posts and commenting on posts for blogs where although the author followed me first, they would never come and visit me. It was taking up so much of my time; time which I could dedicate to those bloggers who supported me by visiting my blog and interacted with me. By working out the number of posts I was comfortable with publishing as well, it helped me balance my life, and the parts of life which had been neglected because of blogging suddenly became a part of me again. It was wonderful to witness.

      I think we all agree as well that although we may have 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000+ followers, only between 15 and 25% of those followers regally like, comment or read our posts. Those are the people that count and who we should give our support to first. Then, if we have the time, we can visit blogs we follow whom we hear little or nothing from.

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      1. I’ve ended up dividing my blog list into “email notifications” for those I want to read/regulars on my blog and “read through feedly” that I can go through and read a week’s worth at a time, if I feel like it. 🙂

        (you are on the email list, just FYI 😀 )


      2. :0 well, I’m very pleased to hear that, thank you so much. I do the same as you and have email notifications for those I enjoy to read and who don’t seem to be on Bloglovin’. As you say, you can then read them at your leisure instead of scrolling through the horrid WordPress reader list – ugh!


      1. Just make sure that you still have fun blogging and reading, that’s what all this is about after all. Do what’s right for you :)… PS that fruit salad looks LUSH!


      2. Oh I will and I do, Charlie. That was the whole idea behind my blog diet and if things ever start to get stressful again because I can’t keep up with it all, I’ll be putting my blog back on its diet.

        For a fruit salad, I quite agree with you. It was very nice eating it, although I can not take the credit for making it. That honour goes to my partner (but I took the photo 🙂 )


    1. I so agree, Claudette, and I think that’s what I was getting at in this post. I’ve certainly moderated the time I spend on blogging everyday, which has made me feel happy and far better about it. The monster that was developing has well and truly been kicked out.

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  7. Congrats on your healthy dieting! I have sorta embarked upon my own healthy eating plan, but sometimes those cakes start calling my name and I just can’t say no! In general I am feeling a lot better though – for cutting down on sugar, and like you, those in-between meals/snacks. I guess we can spur each other on? If I see you reaching for the scones, I’ll have to get my Henry hoover out… OOPS! I meant, whip…no, that didn’t sound right either… I meant, I’ll have to get my whistle out… Oh screw it! You know what I mean…. 😉

    The putting your blog on a diet is a great idea too – Do you find this helps with your creative juices? A couple of days break always does me the world of good!


    1. Here’s a tip about those cakes, Amanda. Think of somebody you don’t like very much and give those cakes that person’s name. I know it may seem odd calling a Custard Tart ‘Hugh’, but it seemed to work for me 🙂 and no, I don’t call the custard tarts, Hugh 🙂

      My blog diet has created more time for me to write. Before it, I would have an idea for a post but spend far too much time reading blogs of people who, although were following me, never seemed to come and say hello and offer me a custard tart Hugh! I got ‘unfollow happy’, and now when I get an idea and have read new posts from bloggers who also come and say hello to me, from time and time, I then get on with writing the idea I had because I have the time back for writing. I don’t loose those ideas anymore, so yes the creative juices do get flowing.

      A couple of days break is also a brilliant idea but I would recommend that you inform people you are taking a break, otherwise you’ll have some very concerned blogging friends wondering if everything is OK (like what happened to me recently when I took a week’s break to complete a short story challenge I’d entered).

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      1. Great tips, Hugh. I’ll certainly try the cake idea. Although I’d quite like to bite the heads off my enemies… *evil face*

        And in regards to you getting ‘unfollow happy’, Well firstly, I’m glad I’ve made the cut! Phew! And secondly, we all need a spring clean from time to time – it’s very therapeutic! I’m glad you have more time to focus on your writing. I can’t wait to read about all these ideas that have been floating around!

        I did wonder where you had got to. I saw Ronovan had taken over, so I’m sure your blog was in good hands! It’s great to have you back though…even minus the custard tarts! Celery sticks instead, right?


      2. With a little bit of cheese and pickle, yes :)…celery that is, not the custard tarts.

        Thanks, Amanda. As you say, a decluttering is very therapeutic. Now I’ve done it, I’m also here to help anybody else that fancies trying the blog diet.

        Right, I’m just off too catch up on some hoovering…”)


    1. Yes, of course, it’s summer in your part of the world and, from what I have been reading it’s been a very good summer of travelling for you, Jill.

      Good luck with the Autumn Clean, and please do shout if you want any advice about the blog diet. Thank you for the retweet 🙂

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  8. Hi Hugh; my you are looking trim! Diets are a fag, that’s for sure and I admire the small portion concept. That still requires the sort of willpower I have yet to learn. If I want to lose weight I give up bread – which is ok as it’s not a must in my diet, just convenient. I might explode a myth. A gym won’t necessarily lose you weight; it will replace fat with muscle and in some cases it will add muscle and trigger a basic hormone that then turns yet more food to fat to make up for the loss. Muscle is denser and heavier than fat so all in all use a gym to get fit, not lose weight. I’ve been blogging since April and have posted about 6 days out of seven. I will probably cut back after the anniversary. I tend to follow in two ways; the blogs I really enjoy I get email alerts; the ones I like occasionally or feel it polite to follow (for all sorts of reasons, mostly some silly notion of reciprocity) I follow via my reader which I look at every few days but not regularly. As you say, whatever works for you.


    1. Why thank you, Geoff. You’re the first to say just how trim I’m looking 🙂

      Yes, will power is a big part of dieting, but because I still eat everyday stuff like chocolate (although in far smaller portions), I think I get the best of both worlds.

      Now if I could just find the person who put me through three years of gym hell because they told me it would help me loose weight, I’d probably end up being locked away in Gregg’s Bakery for weeks with all that temptation of their Gingerbread Men, Jam Doughnuts and Tuna and Salad cream baps! Come to think of it, I do now remember a rather nice fit man taking my body fat readings every week, so maybe he was the reason why I was visiting the gym twice a week? Who knows?

      I admire anybody who blogs, whether they publish a post everyday or just once a month. Some of the blogs I follow publish up to three times a day, but I still read them because from time to time they support me by reading and commenting on my posts. If somebody follows me then I usually will follow back (after taking a look at their blog). However, if I never hear from them ever again, then when it’s time for my blog to go on a diet the ‘unfollow’ button comes into action.

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      1. Ah the lure of taught abs, eh? I prefer mine on a Jesica Ennis but the principle is the same! And yes, I do much the same for both blogs and Twitter. I become rather irritated by those who sem intent on collecting me like a buterfly for their collection then instantly unfollowing me if I’ve politely followed them. And yes I do read the blog before following, trying to avoid those extreme Rantists or whose focus is on stuff like toes or similarly rather creepy addictions. You may ask why a toe fetishist follows me in the first place. All I can say is ‘it’s complicated’


      2. It’s a tough question, Geoff, why follow a blog or somebody on Twitter or Facebook to never go and visit them again? I get stats from Twitter every week showing me all the new followers and all those that have unfollowed me. I’m always amazed to see lots of followers who started following me one day, to suddenly decide not to follow me the next. I think it happens a lot more on Twitter than anywhere else.

        Right I’m tip toeing out of here now and taking the dog for his walk 🙂

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  9. Well done, Hugh. Glad to hear you’re getting things squared away. I have always been selective about the blogs I follow. And I don’t hesitate to use the unfollow button. And I rarely post more than once a week. My beast to tame is the amount of time I spend on a post – always too much! I could definitely cut back on the food and beer. Your food diet sounds more like old fashioned self-discipline. Something we all need in one area or another, I bet.


    1. Good for you, Walt. For some reason I was always quite scared to use the ‘unfollow’ button, but my blog diet has helped me overcome that fear and I don’t hesitate to use it anymore. If I lose a follower because I chose to unfollow them first because I never see or hear anything from them after they followed me, then so be it. To me it’s almost like getting rid of something I no longer have any reason to keep.

      Can you really spend too much time on a post? Quality rather than quantity is also a huge part of my blog diet and I’m always shocked to see posts where photos are missing or links don’t work. I can spend vast amounts of time on a post but it’s only because I want to ensure that everything is correct and that any links work or photos aren’t upside down, etc. Yes, I still press the publish button and then notice mistakes in my work, but at least the quality of the post is good because of the amount of time I have spent on it (well I hope it is!).


      1. The culture of WordPress is different than say Twitter. On Twitter, many people expect a follow for a follow, and will unfollow you if you unfollow them. WordPress discourages that in many of their own posts, which is a good thing I think. Plus I’m not convinced our follower counts even include unfollows. I haven’t seen any evidence of that, anyway, though I haven’t really looked for it either.

        The time you put in definitely shows, Hugh. Your posts are always great!


      2. I agree with WordPress. If somebody follows me then I’ll take a look at their blog, but if I spot any signs of them being a ‘follower trophy’ collector, I’m off as quick as a cat booking into dog kennels by mistake.

        Thanks for you lovely comments, Walt. 🙂


  10. Quality Street!! My favorite chocolates from when I was a little girl! How I miss them! and how I’ve searched high and low near and far for them here in the U.S! I almost thought they stopped making them…This post is going to have viewership going through the roof Hugh by virtue of the fact that I will be dropping by every now and then to to look at those lovelies!
    I’m so glad the Hugh diet has worked and truth be said it is actually the most sensible thing to do -to cut portions and move…I must say though Hugh, I love the gym and enjoy my ‘me time’ while I’m there.
    Thank you very much for sharing your blog diet too…I must confess I was kind of losing it these past couple of days but your post has given me hope…I’m sure all those doomsayers must be hanging their heads in shame somewhere in the blogosphere..Go Hugh!


    1. We have huge tins of Quality Street every Christmas in our stores. Christmas would not be Christmas without a big tin of Quality Street in the house. I recently read a news article about a chocolate crisis over in your part of the world and was wondering how true it was, Nashi? Hope the link works.

      Sorry about my picture, Nishi. You are not the first to say I have put temptation in the way when talking about diets! I should have just used that fruit salad photo from my earlier post.

      I’m glad you enjoy going to the gym. As my blogging pal, Geoff, pointed out to me, going to the gym is all about keeping fit rather than losing weight. I quite agree with him after he pointed that out to me, and made the excuse that maybe it was the rather nice fit man who took my body/fat percentage reading once a week that was making me go to the gym? Who knows? But yes, regular exercise is part of a good diet and, as I said in my post, if you enjoy it then you do it.

      I’ve often got to the stage of losing all hope here on Planet Blog, but I’ve taken lots of advise from far more experienced bloggers than myself, and combining their advise with my blog diet has help me tremendously. Keep going, Nishi, and may the ‘Quality Street Force’ be with you 🙂

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      1. No need to apologise Hugh..I’m fine actually..The Quality Street Force is always with me…. :D..yes, I was able to open the link…I didn’t know about this issue…I read once that there is a global chocolate crisis that there may be a time when chocolates will be a luxury because of dwindling supply of cocoa beans or something like that..hmm..wonder what we will do then? Should we start hoarding now? Should you maybe set up a chocolate preservatory? A special task force perhaps?


      2. Well, I have a stash of chocolate from Christmas still here, which I think could keep me going until the end of the year 🙂 while I’m on the Hugh Diet. But that would mean you’d have to come over and get some because I’d hate to think of any it getting lost in the post!

        If all else fails, we’ll have to set up a task force to discover something else we could replace chocolate with. I’m not sure what, but maybe the folks who live down Quality Street would be able to assist?

        Now I have to ask you this – did you have a favourite from that big tin of Quality Street?


  11. Hugh, congratulations on the success of both yours and your blog’s dieting! I totally agree with you, everything in moderation is the ideal diet. Unlike you, however, I have come to realize that if I hope to ever lose some weight then I am going to have to add some serious exercising to the mix, one that might actually (dare I say it?) sweat. Ugh!


    1. Thank you, Grace.

      Regular exercising is so much part of a good diet. As I have said, I don’t like exercising, but walking Toby helps and I’ve been told that regular walking is far better for me than no exercising at all. I was having days where I was just sat in front of the computer, but my blog diet has now got me away from that and I take at least one long walk a day with Toby and my partner. I feel far better for it 🙂

      If you do go to the gym, then you never know but you may just enjoy going. It’s been pointed out to me that the gym is more about keeping fit and turning fat into muscle, but regular exercise makes you feel much better and that in itself creates happiness. So sweat away and create all that extra happiness. 🙂

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  12. Life’s too short to give up things you enjoy. You’ve got the right idea you, moderation in all things. Chocolate one thing I have a hard time doing in moderation. I like an attitude of, don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.


    1. I quite agree, Meredith, but many people I know who go on these “I can’t eat it” diets, seem not to remember that. In moderation, chocolate, candy, cakes, etc, are a treat and they needn’t take over your life. Will power also plays a huge part, and when you start seeing results I think will power has less to do with it. For me it then becomes more about determination.

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  13. Hello Hugh! I’m so glad you’re doing great on your diet. You’re absolutely right when you say you shouldn’t do things that make you unhappy. I put my blog on a diet from the beginning. I have some good blogging buddies who told me in the beginning that blogging could become addictive and overwhelming and it took take over your life. I didn’t want blogging to interfere with my writing. So although I do enjoy blogging I only publish once or twice a week. That’s it. I’ve still, however, met beautiful bloggers and writers such as yourself and others and I’m grateful for that. 🙂 xx


    1. Thanks you, Vashti.

      I think just about all of us become obsessed with blogging at sometime. For some it can cause blog burnout and it’s a shame when that happens. My blog diet has help me balance my blogging with other parts of my life and, having now found the balance, I’m getting great results and feel far happier that my blog is not going to turn into a monster. I see a pattern emerging that many of us like to publish two or three times a week. If it works for you, then go with it. Just like those that publish one or more posts a day, it must be working for them otherwise they would no longer be blogging.

      Like you I’ve made many wonderful blogging friends here on WordPress and I’m very grateful for that. My blog diet may not work for everyone but I wanted to pass on how I found a happy balance for blogging to everyone so they could try it out for themselves if they wanted to.


  14. Hi Hugh, I’m happy that both diets are working for you! My blog is doing ok, but I really need to lose few pounds (maybe lots of pounds), so I think I’ll follow your steps for while and see if works for me as well. Have a great day!


  15. My blog has been on a diet from day one. haha! I work full time and don’t have the time capacity for more that 2-4 posts a week… but I’m glad to know it’s worked for other people!


    1. Well, I’m pleased to hear that April, because a few people have sent me negative comments about putting my blog on its diet, and mine was only on it for three days 🙂

      2-3 posts a week is the perfect balance for me as it gives me time to catch up on reading blogs I follow as well. I think it’s all down to what ever is best for you, but I wanted to share with everyone how exactly I got to my decision.


  16. I’m impressed Hugh. A weight loss and your blog is going from strength to strength.
    I am also watching my weight and I have lost about six pounds, so far.
    As for the blog… I’m working on a plan to get more organised with it [ story of my life] and a better way to post.
    In other words – I’m still in a muddle! LOL.


    1. Thanks, Dorne. I’m pleased to say that the Hugh diet hasn’t exactly been a struggle either, but I suppose that is because I’ve allowed myself to continue to eat what I enjoy eating.

      Great to hear you have lost weight as well. So what’s your secret to weight loss then?

      You know I don’t think we ever get 100% happy with the way our blog looks. I still make changes every now and again and then go back and change things agin, but I class that as freshening my blog up and I think that is always good to do and see. It shows that we are all looking after our blogs. They need looking after as much as we do – well I think so anyway.


  17. Well done Hugh! Great job losing weight – I envy you – I haven’t gained any more but still need to lose some pounds. Thanks for the weight loss tips. What you say is so right – weight loss has to be sustainable and I know I will never lose weight eating food I detest.

    Of course the mangoes are ripe now! Lol! And they are irresistible. Oh well – the mango season won’t last forever (but soon it will be Easter – oh dear! 😂😂😂)

    My blog diet has worked a treat too. I have settled on posting once a week for now as I am enjoying doing my Sunday Sketch feature. I intend to post mid-week if I can find the time. My blogging days are much happier now as I complete my post and have plenty of time to read and comment on fellow bloggers posts (such a joy as there are so many wonderful and entertaining blogs to read – like yours! 😊)

    Congratulations on your followers, Hugh. The success of your blog is well deserved.


    1. Thank you, Maria.

      Isn’t it amazing on how after a year or so we start to settle down on Planet Blog and balance out how many times we should publish a post, on which days, and have a good clean out of all those blogs we follow because we can’t possibly read every post of every single blog we follow. Like you, I’ve now found the right balance although I do intend on putting my blog on its diet again in six months time.

      As for me, yes I’ve lost 7lbs, but the fact that I have continued to eat what I like to eat (only in smaller portions) has meant I haven’t gone all moody and started throwing things around because I can’t have that chocolate fix every once in a while! No, I don’t really do that, but I’m sure you get the picture.

      I wish I could be there to share some of those mangoes you have in your garden. Enjoy then, Maria, and very pleased to hear that the blog diet worked for you as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Congratulations, Hugh, on your dieting success and greater happiness! I am so proud of you for beginning the new year with greater health and well being. Setting sensible limits, and sticking to them, is such an important part of keeping our balance in life, isn’t it? I know your family is also happier with your time at the computer cut back. And nurturing relationships is what keeps life so interesting. Giant hugs to you, WG


    1. Thank you, WG. I’ve enjoyed my diet very much, especially as it gives me the choice to eat what I enjoy eating by having smaller portions. I certainly do feel a lot healthier now than I did at the beginning of this year and the blog diet has helped me so much in balancing the time I gave both my blog and the rest of my life. It has certainly been a win win situation for me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Congratulations on your success with both diets! I think it’s much more practical to eat sensibly and live a happy life than starve yourself and do something you dislike -like beating up your body with too intense workouts. Everything in moderation!

    I like your philosophy regarding your blog. I’m taking notes and going to try to adopt the same. I recently skid right off my blogging track, unable to post and unable to keep up on my comments and reading. It showed. I have decided to take a closer look at the blogging goals that I set for myself and revise them. (And conquer my Twitter-phobia once and for all!)


    1. Exactly, Kat. That’s why I’m enjoying the ‘Hugh Diet’ because I can eat and drink what I enjoy eating and drinking, only in moderation and smaller portions. I’ll be continuing with the diet for at least another month, maybe until Easter!

      Balancing life around my blog and the rest of me has been the best thing I have done for a very long time. I think we all skid off the track at some stage and that’s when it is good to take a break and come back with an action plan. My mind was certainly refreshed for blogging when I came back, even though the week I had away was spent writing for the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. And, you know where I am if you need any help or advice on Twitter and WordPress, Kat. 🙂


  20. Well done, Hugh. I put my blog on a diet at the end of last year. I felt it had taken over my life and I was constantly making mental notes about everything. It worked out ok. Obviously, my stats dropped and my ego was crushed 😀 (joke). Taking a break is good. Good for the mind and good for the ego. It didn’t increase my followers, that only happens when I post. I noticed you now have thousands of followers. Well done you.


    1. Thanks, Paul. That number of followers figure is a red herring. I’m not quite sure where that figure comes from. I only realised last week (after somebody mentioned it to me) that the figure you are referring to is made up of WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and what ever else, where our blogs can be followed. I have 457 followers on WordPress (which includes 15 who follow by email) 1,450 followers on Twitter, 40 on Facebook and about 10 on Google Plus, so I’ve no idea where the other 2,000 plus come from. Of course I never see or hear from mosts of those followers. I worked out that around 20% of them either like or comment on my posts, and I’ve heard it tends to be roughly the same sort of figure for most other blogs as well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s very interesting. I was aware that Twitter followers were counted but, I had no idea the other platforms also counted. I reckon that figure of 20% is about right, slightly less in my case. Anyhow, having the number of 4000 or so on the front page of your blog looks great and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise 😈 I see blogging as social media. I know there are many who would disagree and that’s their right to do so. When I started my blog, I found the whole process almost impenetrable. It was only when I realized (apologies for American auto spell, I can’t be bothered to change it) that it is social media, that I began to not worry about my actual lack of writing ability and started to create a dialogue with good people like yourself👍


      2. Thanks, Paul. Yes, it does look very impressive, but I would love to know how exactly how it’s made up. Maybe that is a question I should have posted on your recent “free comments” post, but I probably think it would have been a bit of a dull question to ask. The Eurovision Song Contest, Lulu, Kylie, and Katie Price are far more interesting to talk about (well for me anyway) and I loved Steve’s comment about not able to get wifi on a book as the reason why he uses an iPad. 🙂

        Having dyslexia, I to thought I had no writing ability until I discovered WordPress. Yes, I had to put my blog on a diet, so to speak, but I haven’t looked back since that first day on here, especially with the blogging community I am so very proud of belonging to.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well said. Please feel free to post whatever you want on my comments post. I see no subject as boring. Anything is good. You are a very good writer indeed and having dyslexia has not hampered you one bit👍


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