Blogging Personality: The Key to Success.

If you are a blogger, or even thinking of becoming a blogger, then I urge you to read this.  Excellent advice from the man, who in my opinion, invented the word “Blog”.


There is something that I believe has been overlooked in the Blogger Community. The Blogger Personality. What key role does Personality play in the success of a blog? We’ll get to that shortly.

I want to mention a few Blogs I see as Successful. Before I do, do not confuse large numbers of Followers with success. Once you do that you head down a path that leads to a never to be satisfying Blog World experience.


  • People Follow you Hoping you will Follow them.
  • People stop reading your work and just don’t stop Following you.
  • People aren’t really part of your Blog World except for a number.
  • If numbers and not activity are your idea of success, then be prepared for some anxiety.

Let’s then define Blog Success. I see Blog Success as a Blog that;

  • Keeps its Readers coming back for more.
  • Keeps its Readers entertained.
  • Keeps its…

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7 thoughts

  1. Thanks for introducing me to Ronovan, Hugh. And I concur 100% on why he sees your blog as being successful! You have such a wonderful, welcoming spirit and reach out in support to your fellow bloggers. I have been the wonderful recipient of that from you on so many occasions, and it has meant such a great deal. Keep on keepin’ on, Hugh. You’re a blogging gem 😀


    1. That’s so nice, thank you, Stacy. Ronovan taught me most of what I know about blogging and is the “Master” of the blog world. I love interacting with my followers and just love it when they leave comments and get talking with me. To me, blogging is all about giving as much as receiving and that’s why I always take time out to visit their blogs, read their posts and comment. It the least I can do when fellow bloggers like yourself show and give me so much support. So, thank you as well for being such a loyal follower and friend of my little old blog. 🙂


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