Sunday Stills, The Next Challenge: Cold As Ice

These were the words the Weatherman on the TV spoke today.

Wind, Rain, Sleet, Hail and Snow on the way to the UK and we are about to enter the coldest period of time we’ve had for the past two years.

What better excuse for me to enter Ed’s Photo challenge, over at Sunday Stills, The Next Challenge: “Cold As Ice.”

Frosty Leaf

Yes, I love the British Winter, especially when it gives us such beauty as a sprinkling of Frost over the outside world.  For me, this is ice at its daintiest and prettiest.

Even down here on the South Coast of the UK we’ve been warned to expect a covering of snow over the weekend.  All I can say is that a certain dog will be very excited about the prospects of being able to play in the snow while chasing disappearing snowballs and eating as much of the stuff as possible.

Toby in the Snow

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

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50 thoughts

  1. Lovely pictures, Hugh. Great picture of the frost on the leaves. I have so seldom seen frost. And I just love the snow on Toby’s face! Apparently 2014 was the hottest year on record and our summers have been getting hotter – I can certainly vouch for that.

    Aaaaah! ‘ A covering of snow’ – now wouldn’t that be luverly? You can throw a snowball or two my way! Happy winter walking to you and John and Toby. Woof! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Maria. We have had lots of cold frosty mornings this winter and, from what the Weatherman is saying, there are plenty more coming our way from later this week. I hope you manage to keep cool and that the temperature becomes more comfortable soon.

    1. Thank you so much. I rather like it as well although, at the time of taking it, my partner thought I was being daft. “What the heck you need a picture of a leaf for?” were the words I heard as I bent down to take the photo. I’m very glad I just ignored him.

  2. Beautiful image, Hugh! The only thing I like about the freeezing cold weather is it’s sparkling prettiness! ❄️❄️❄️ This being said, I need a bit of sun in my life! I’ve had enough of rain, sleet, rain, sleet, fog, rain, sleet…

    Anyway, enough of my moaning! Have a brilliant weekend 🙂

    1. Hooray, you’re back, Amanda. 🙂 I’m pleased to hear that your laptop is fixed and up and running again. I hope during your down time of being without the laptop, that my suggestion of watching Mamma Mia! helped? :0

      Thank you for the compliment on my photography. Cold dry frosty weather is perfect, but the rain, gales and sleet can go and take a…!!!!!!

      I hear on the grapevine you may be getting some winter sunshine and warmth in Turkey? Then again, what I hear and what is actually true are sometimes like Bill and Ben. Hope you are keeping warm, where ever you may be this weekend, and I’ll leave you with the little fact that the nights are at last drawing out 🙂 Hooray, no more watching “Pointless” in the dark!

      1. Yes, horray indeed! It’s so good to be back in the blogging world. The iPhone blogging just wasn’t cutting it! (tiny buttons = clumsy fingers = beyond frustrating!)

        As much as I complain about the winter months, there is nice about being in the nice and warm (watching pointless, of course!) whilst it blows a blizzard outside.

        This being said, I canny wait for the summer to come! I’m not sure whether i’ll get the chance to visit my husband in Istanbul, it would be nice though, wouldn’t it? I’ve never been to Turkey before, but my friend – who is married to a Kurdish man – says it’s the most wonderful place! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Bill and Ben are indeed, right ..depends on how many pennies I can save up (and I am rubbish at saving!)

        Anyway, so glad to be back and thank you for checking in on me during my time away. I always appreciate your messages!

        Take care xx

  3. I’m still waiting for this snow. We had three flakes the other day. I got overly excited and then it was gone. Winter is not winter without snow, ice, frost and having to walk like a penguin, so as not to fall over on the said ice.
    Love the post and the image, by the way!

    1. Yes, the forecast has been all over the place, Dorne. Toby is not a happy dog. One minute I am telling him that the snow is on its way, then the next I’m telling him we have rain or sleet to look forward to. Mind you, he was a very happy doggy this morning because it’s so frosty here. He attempts to lick up as much of the frost as possible, usually while running at a fast pace. I just hope his tongue doesn’t get stuck to the frost one day – ouch! That takes me back to sticking my tongue onto the outside of an ice cube tray and finding it very funny that it got stuck. I was only 44 at the time 🙂

      Thank you. I really am enjoying my photography now, even if only using an iPhone.

  4. Lovely pictures although I must admit it can get a bit eery if you have to get anywhere in the snow. We had a fair amount just after Christmas around Sheffield.

  5. Beautiful frostiness! We’ve not had much in the way of snow yet up in the North East – we’ll have to wait and see what the wind has blown in this time! Hope Toby gets his snow 🙂

    1. I don’t think he’s going to get his snow now, Peggy. Forecast has changed and it’s rain or sleet. However, we are in for some very cold frosty nights so there will be ample opportunity to take some more pictures of the frost.

      1. Oh that’s a shame! Never mind, Toby, we’ve still got half the winter to go yet, so paws crossed! We seem to have gone into cold and frosty too after the gales died down. I shall look forward to more beautiful frost 🙂

    1. Forecast has changed since yesterday, Geoff, and although we are still in for that cold snap, it’s rain or sleet, rather than snow, for us on the South Coast now. I lived in London for 27 years, the last two of which produced the biggest snowfalls in the city. Amazing how everything came to a grinding halt as soon as the first snowfall had fallen.

      1. I love the city when it stops. Like New Year’s morning or Christmas afternoon. Everyone sort of tiptoes and when sound is deadened by snow even better. Cycling home from Fleet Street to south London in the snow though, now that was a challenge!

        1. I remember walking through the business area of London on a Saturday morning and relishing its quietness. Oh, and that quietness at night when it is snowing outside is one of nature’s wonders.

    1. Yes but, alas, when I turned on the TV this morning, the forecast had changed and it’s rain or sleet for us now 😦 I think you part of the world could still be in for some snow though, Sherri. Enjoy it when it arrives and do take some photos of how beautiful it turns our landscape when it falls.

      1. Oh no!! Well, let’s see. Last time they said we would get snow, nothing happened. It has warmed up today after the bitter chill of yesterday. Yes, it really is beautiful isn’t it when it snows? Well, whatever the weather I hope you have a lovely weekend Hugh. Take care and be careful by that wild sea…

        1. We’ve just had a two hour walk along Hove seafront and the waves are not as wild as they were a few days ago. Beautiful sunshine and cold, but a terrific walk. Brighton and Hove is so different during the winter months. I just love this time of year.
          Thanks, Sherri, wishing you a wonderful weekend as well.

        2. Oh I love it, I envy you (and my boys!) your walks by the sea, especially at this time of year 😉 Thanks Hugh…but still no sign of snow 🙂

        3. None here either, but we’re not even half way through Winter yet so Toby is keeping his paws crossed that we’ll have some by Easter 🙂 Did I just say Easter? Sorry. It’s seeing all those chocolate eggs on the shelves that has done that.

  6. If the forecast is right and it includes North Wales then I may be celebrating a birthday where I don’t have to have family gathering at a meal out. Yay. Maybe I can build snowmen instead.

    1. Well, Happy Birthday, David. Another Capricorn. I’ve got to meet a few over the last few weeks. The forecast has changed since yesterday and we are no longer getting snow here on the South Coast. We have rain or sleet to look forward to. I hope you get to build some snowmen in your part of the world. Have fun. 🙂

  7. you know I’ve never actually seen real now like in front of me… touched it with my own hands?

    That top picture is just beautiful, and that dog looks like he is having fun. 🙂

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