Why I’ve Watched The Movie, Mamma Mia!, Over Fifty Times!

When I switched on the TV last night, I was amazed to see that ITV were showing the movie “Mamma Mia’, again! Despite it having been on TV, at least ten times, in the last year, we watched it again.

Over dinner, John and I tried to work out how many times we had watched the movie and we came to the conclusion that it must have been over fifty times! But why I hear you ask? Well, before I tell you why, let’s have a look at one of my favourite parts of the movie where Meryl Streep sings the movie title itself, “Mamma Mia!”

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Now after watching that scene time and time again, my favourite part of the movie has some serious flaws in it. Did you notice any of them?

1. Thirty-five seconds into the clip – Isn’t it great to see Meryl bump into some goats? They seem to give her a bit of a shock, which I was rather surprised about because earlier in the movie the building she has just come out of is referred to as ‘The Old Goat House.’ So, the goats must live there, yes?  If so, why is there an upstairs which seems to only be accessible by going through a hatch? Now, I know goats are clever creatures and can probably walk upstairs, but opening up a hatch to go to bed is something I’m not sure they would want to do. I wonder if the goats knew that Meryl had let out their bedroom to Pierce, Colin, and Stellan?  I wonder what the room rate is and if there is an en-suite?

2. One minute twelve seconds into the clip – Where did those three girls come from?  They seem to be getting up off the floor. Why on earth were they laying on the floor in the hot sun? Was it the shock of Meryl’s singing and dancing as she came out of ‘The Old Goat House’ that made then collapse?

3. One minute twenty into the clip – There’s Meryl, on the roof, hanging upside down looking into an upstairs window. One minute and twenty-six seconds into the clip, when we see Meryl getting up, just look at how wide the gap between the roof and the top of the window is. Kind of very dangerous to be hanging over the edge like that, Meryl. In fact, I’m pretty certain there would have been no way you could have stayed hanging from the roof when looking into that window unless somebody was hanging onto your feet. Come to think of it, maybe it was one of the goats that were hanging on to you?  After all, they are very clever creatures and, as if by magic, did disappear as soon as Meryl got back up.

4. One minute Fifty-Four seconds into the clip – Just where did all those people come from whose faces suddenly appear over the edge of the roof? And, what the heck are they hanging on to?  Maybe they’re all floating in midair? Scary. Should have been an Eighteen certificate movie.

5. Two minutes into the clip – Now all those people are climbing onto the roof to join Meryl. How the heck can they do that considering there is only one ladder up to the roof? Maybe the goats have helped again and got a stash of ladders out to help them all get up there at the same time?

6. Two minutes and three seconds into the clip – Meryl tries to open the hatch on the roof, with no success. Is it stuck? Everyone else, now singing and dancing, join her on the roof. Don’t you think that by now, Pierce, Colin, and Stellan would have definitely heard them all up there, what with all the singing and dancing going on?

7. Two minutes eleven seconds into the clip – That bald-headed chap seems to have the strength of Hercules as he opens the hatch without any problem at all. Maybe when Meryl tried opening it the goats were holding the hatch down because they didn’t want her in the upstairs of their house again?

8. Two minutes seventeen seconds into the clip – Just look at the size of that hole now that the goats have let go of the hatch door. Nothing smaller than a couple of feet across could get through that, if it fell in, could it?

9.  Two minutes and twenty-four seconds into the clip – Oh no, Meryl has fallen over and gone where? She couldn’t possibly have fallen right the way through that small hole, horizontally, without any kind of injury, could she? Now, if she had gone through it vertically while being lowered down by all those people on the roof, I wouldn’t have been so worried. I do hope she’s OK!

10.  Two minutes and twenty-six seconds into the clip – We see Meryl land on her back on top of the blow-up bed, Colin has blown up. Thank goodness for that!  But how she managed to squeeze through that two-foot square hole, as she fell horizontally, without hurting herself, and have then performed an Olympic Gold medal diving twist to end up on her back, I have no idea. I mean the distance between Colin’s blow up bed and the ceiling is what, ten to twelve feet at most? Wow, Meryl, I bet it was Tom Daley who taught you how to dive and twist in mid-air like that, wasn’t it? And a question for Colin.Can anyone really fully inflate a blow-up bed, by blowing into it, in two minutes twenty-six seconds? My, you must have a great set of lungs, Colin!

Now, I would never ever knock Mamma Mia! The Movie. After all, I’m a huge fan having watched it more than fifty times. The reason why I have watched it so often is because it’s a fun movie that has all those great Abba songs in it which do nothing but make most people sing along and feel very happy.

What about you? Have you seen ‘Mamma Mia!’ and does it make you feel happy when watching it? Maybe you spotted some flaws in the movie you’d like to share with us?

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