Marsala – The Jennifer Nichole Wells Photo Challenge

It’s been a long time since I participated in one of Jennifer’s colour challenges and, on New Year’s Day, I promised myself that I would take up Jennifer’s next challenge.  When I read her post and saw that the colour she had selected was Marsala, I thought my first promise to myself of the New Year would already have to be broken.

However, this afternoon, I took a trip to the barbers for a haircut and, would you believe it, I came across this object.

Marsala Railway Bridge - Hove Marsala Railway Bridge - Hove Marsala Railway Bridge - Hove

I’ve driven and walked under this railway bridge so many times never noticing that its main colour is Marsala.  I was so happy with my find that passing motorists beeped their car horns as I jumped up and down with joy.

What do you think?  Did I succeed in this week’s colour challenge from Jennifer?  I’d love to know what you think.

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26 thoughts

  1. So glad it worked out so perfectly. And so happy to have you back to the challenge 🙂 This is great! I find it happens to me too, I think about the color for the week and then it starts popping up in places I never noticed it before.


  2. I would have like to see you jump up and down! 🙂 This looks all so British 😉 Makes me miss my sis. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


  3. Well done Hugh! Isn’t it fascinating how much more we notice when prompted by a challenge? This is indeed the colour Marsala. 😊👏. And I agree – it’s such fun when we see exactly what we needed for the photograph.

    Must admit I feel a little stumped by this colour. Let’s see if I have a lucky moment and see something good. Great photos Hugh. I think bridges make good subjects for pictures. 😊


    1. It is, Maria. These challenges really make you look around far more, and/or think more. I’m glad you think the colour on that bridge is Marsala as I was not 100% sure when I took them and it was not until I got home and looked at them that I thought ‘well, it’s near enough Marsala’.

      This is indeed a tough colour challenge from Jennifer and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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      1. There is always a certain amount of variance in colours Hugh. Marsala seems a brownish dark red to me. have looked at a few buildings around this shade and I’m still not sure. Hahaha ! 😀


  4. Great shot for the challenge, Hugh. I’ve heard that word being associated with wine before, but never colour. Now I know. Oh dear, you got beeped by the other vehicles but it sounded like you didn’t mind. I’m the kind too who will stop and take a photo of something if I see something I think is interesting – even if it means holding up some people behind me 😀 Hope the haircut went well, and wishing you a good year this year 🙂


    1. Yes, I’ve heard of Marsala wine and Marsala sauce, but not as a colour before, Mabel. There are so many strange colour names out there these days. This was one tough colour to find.

      I often stop and take photos and get odd looks, especially when laying down on the ground, but I’ve learned not to be shy about it anymore especially when I think I got a good photo taking opportunity.

      The haircut went great. I go at least once every three weeks as I have very, very short hair and the moment it starts to touch my ears I go all moody 🙂


      1. Laying on the ground and taking photos? That’s something I’ve never had the courage to do yet. At most I’d squat or get down on one knee and take a shot close to the ground. But I suppose going horizontal would be much more comfortable. I hope no one has told you off.

        Ah, haircuts. I’ve been meaning to do a post on hair cuts/styles for a while now 🙂


      2. No, not as yet, Mabel, although when being on the ground talking a photo I have had the occasional dog come up and lick me over the face. Having a dog myself, Toby, and because he writes some of the posts which you may have read on my blog, I like to get some photos as if it were him taking them. Yes, I know it sounds mad, but his posts seem to be a big hit with my readers. In fact, he does better than me :0

        As for your haircut post, I look forward to reading it.


      3. You must be a friendly person then (look friendly too), since dogs come leaping right at you. I’m looking forward to more posts from Toby. Maybe it’s his energetic or overly enthusiastic persona that we all love so much ^^’


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