Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge – A Big Thank You From Angela and Hugh

Happy twelfth night everyone.

Good Night from Angela
Angela and friends being put away in the Christmas decorations box for another year.

The decorations are down and, depending on how you count it, for many people tonight is twelfth night.  I still think that last night was twelfth night and you can find out why by checking out my mystery guest post, What Ever Happened To The Missing Day of Christmas, over at The Showcase, which is hosted by the very beautiful, Nishi.

When Angela and I published our Charity Christmas Tree Topper challengewe were expecting big results.  But sadly they did not come.  Why?  Well, because you guys made it a super huge result which went beyond our wildest dreams and, as a result, I have today donated £250 to Alzheimer’s Research UK.  Why this charity?  Well because I have a special story to tell you about Angela who, every year, is the Angel that sits on top of our Christmas tree.

My Mum and Grandmother. Taken January 1962
My Mum and Grandmother.
Taken January 1962

In 1988, my Grandmother gave me some money for Christmas.  I purchased my tree topper Angel with the last of the money because I fell in love with her when I saw her sat there in the shop.  Christmas had gone and she looked very lonely sat all on her own.  I named her Angela and put her away until the following Christmas.  However, before then, I received the devastating news that my Grandmother had the first stages of Alzheimer’s.  I watched her life slowly being taken away and, sadly, in 1995 she passed away.  Angela reminded me of my Grandmother as she was the last thing I purchased with money she had given me.  Even to this day I deeply miss my Grandmother and love her very much.  I often think she is watching over me and helps me through the tough times I have encounter in my life.  All her Grandchildren held a very special place in her heart but, I guess as I was her first Grandchild, I always considered that I was her favourite.  I have some wonderful fond memories of my Grandmother and have written a post about her, My First Memory, which you can read over at Write Dorne – Putting Life into Words.

Three years ago, Alzheimer’s paid our family another visit when I and other members of the family noticed that my mother’s behaviour was changing.  It was not long before she was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s and over the last few years I, and those around her, have watched her life being taken away and change.  Sadly, she no longer recognises anyone apart from my Step-Father, and her illness has even forced a spilt in the family which I am not going to talk about today.  Why?  Well, because today this post is all about thanking those people who participated in the charity challenge Angela and I started.

Donation to Alzheimer's Research UK
Thank you everyone. £250 raised by you.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each one of you who participated and took the time to help Angela and I achieve our goal of raising £250 for Alzheimer’s Research UK.  Please stand up and take a bow and along with everyone else applaud yourselves for the fantastic effort you all put in. Not only have you made me very, very happy by showing me all of your support for this great cause, but you have all done something which will go towards helping those, and their families, who will encounter Alzheimer’s.  And yes, now I am going to list each and every one of you who created a PingBack or left a link in their post because I believe all of you deserve to be mentioned for helping me give something back on this last day of Christmas.  Please pay these wonderful people and their blogs a visit and check out what they had on top of their Christmas tree and give them all your support.

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Special thanks to Adi over at Happy Lifeaholic for reblogging my post and to everyone that left wonderful comments about the appeal as well as promoting the post on their Facebook page.  Maria and Ronovan did more than one pingback to the post as well, so a big thank you to you two.  I’d also like to thank everyone who tweeted about the challenge and the lovely emails and comments I have received about the appeal.

I hope I have not missed out anyone who participated.  If I have, then please let me know and I’ll see to it that I add you to the list of wonderful people who helped Angela and I achieve this goal.  I know that some of the pingbacks did not work but I hope I managed to find everyone who participated.

I did mention in the original post that Angela and I would choose a tree top winner and invite the winning person to write a guest post which I would publish on my blog.  As far as we are concerned you are all winners but, if we had to choose a favourite, then it would be the wonderful Angel that sat on top of the tree decorated by Kat and her family over at Dandelion Fuzz.  So congratulations Kat, I’ll be contacting you very soon to see if you would like to write a guest post for Hugh’s Views and News.

Once again, thank you all so much for participating in my challenge and I wish you all much success with your writing and your blogs.

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