Gone, But Not Forgotten – The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Hello everyone.  How are you all?  Yes, I’m back for one day only while Hugh is looking for his only pair of Christmas socks which I’ve hidden.

Hello, I'm Toby, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

It was a cold and frosty morning when Hugh took me out for a walk yesterday.

Cold and Frosty Morning

I love cold frosty mornings.  I can run along the grass licking up all the frost and, having a thick fur coat means, I don’t get cold.

Cold and Frosty Morning

The sky looked as if it was on fire.  Even the moon was out enjoying the morning.

Cold And Frosty Morning

Then I spotted one of my play mates and we had a run around on the frosty grass.  It was great fun.

Cold and Frosty Morning

It was the best cold and frosty morning of the Winter so far.

Cold and Frosty Morning

This morning was not as cold and there was no sign of my friend Jack Frost. He was gone, but not forgotten.  I hope he comes back soon.

Cold and Frosty Morning

What’s the best walk you have been on?  I’d love to know.  See you all again soon.


Cold and Frosty Morning


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32 thoughts

    1. He’ll get the socks back but it’s going to cost him, Colleen. I think there’s chicken for dinner this evening, so it’s the chicken or the socks, that’ll be his choice. I know he’ll still love me.
      Barks and waggly tails to Sugar and Spice. ❤

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  1. Hello Toby,
    I really enjoyed your post and the photographs you took as well are fabulous.
    I’m called Misty and I belong to Dorne who blogs at Write Dorne.
    I look forward to reading some more of your posts.
    I too sometimes write for my human…she’d be lost without me.
    You don’t have to use your human’s computer you know…I use her ladyship’s phone…when she’s not looking.
    Woof for now.


    1. Hello Misty, pleased to meet you. I have read a little about you on your Human owner’s blog. If it wasn’t for us dogs, I don’t think these blogs would do so well. What do you think? In fact maybe we should let the humans get on with WordPress and us dogs start our won blog platform called WoofPress?

      I’ve tried using the iPhone Hugh has but it’s only an iPhone 4 so my paws are a little to big for the keyboard on it. I’ve heard him asking that human who visits every Christmas Eve, you know the one – he’s dressed in that silly red suit, for an iPhone 6 but he’s been very naughty this year so I don’t expect he’ll be getting one. I’m always good and I’ve already found my gifts. Those humans could not hide a squirrel in a nut factory to save their lives!

      Woofing and out. Have a great walk where ever your human takes you.


  2. Oh Toby! I’ve been on so many lovely forest walks lately. You would love it here. I’m glad you have a thick fur coat to keep you warm in all that frost. Please tell Hugh that his photos are beautiful! Hope you have a woof-terful winter, Toby! 😊


    1. Thank you, Maria. I (Toby) wishes I was on those Forest walks with you. I’ve just had a long walk with my human owners along the seafront in Brighton & Hove, where it was blowing a force eight gale, but I loved it. We watched the waves crashing into the beach. I’m not so sure the humans enjoyed it, but I did.

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      1. I guess you like all kinds of weather Toby. You live in a lovely place for walking – parks and beaches to sniff around and explore. Have a happy day Toby and thanks for answering my comment. 😊

        Remember Toby the humans are getting good exercise when they are walking you!


  3. This is an excellent set of photos, Hugh. What a spectacular morning sky, it’s like red and purple are fighting to outdo each other to see who’s more pretty. Your dog seems to be a bit of a morning creature – so much energy running about like that. I hope he got a good breakfast too.

    My favourite walk? I don’t think I can pick a favourite walk. I really like walking and wandering in general anywhere 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mabel. Yes, we are so lucky this time of the year as nature puts on a wonderful display for us in the sky. It does not happen every morning, unfortunately today is wet and windy so only grey skies, but our sunsets and sunrises in December, when the sun is at its lowest point, are just stunning.

      Both Toby and I are very much morning creatures. As the day goes on, so does our energy and creativity.


      1. I’ve never paid attention to sunsets in the colder months. So now that you mention you see brilliant sunsets (and sunrises) in winter, I might keep an eye out when it’s colder in my part of the world.

        Morning creatures the two of you, no wonder you two are such good pals together. Waking up and starting the day together, what fun 🙂

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      1. Haha…oh how lovely that would be indeed Hugh, the perfect Christmas, unlike last year which was one storm after the other. We live in Somerset, not far from the levels…thankfully we didn’t get the flooding that some poor folk did. I am heartened by the frosts we’ve had the past few mornings…hope for you too 🙂


      2. Thanks, Sherri.

        We were in Wales last Christmas and, in fact, are here again from today until just after New Year. I remember the battering we got last year starting on December 23rd and ending on February 14th. Fingers crossed this Christmas will be cold, dry and frosty (with maybe just the hint of snow on the montains).


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