New York – What Really Happened – Day 4

Day four was Black Friday, not only in New York city but the rest of the States as well.  By the time we got to my favourite department store, Macy’s, days one, two and three were a distant memory.

New York Macy'sFirst of all, today I was acting all kind of happy smiley face (aren’t I always?).  Why?  Well, because we were going to thirty-fourth street and that always reminds me of the movie Miracle on 34th Street.  I just love that movie so much, especially on a Saturday afternoon in December when most of the population of the UK are fighting their way through the crowds of Christmas shoppers in town centres, while I’m sat at home munching my way through a box of mince-pies and drinking mulled wine

As soon as we entered the store I admired how two young Sales Assistants were trying desperately to fold up garments only for the garments to be picked up again, unfolded, and thrown down by the shoppers who were out looking for a Black Friday deal.  I felt sorry for those two girls but, with big smiles on their faces, they carried on almost oblivious to what was going on around them.

Anna needed to go and buy some makeup while John wanted to go and purchase some Calvin Klein underwear for himself as it is much less expensive to buy in the States than in the UK.  Faced with visiting the makeup counter or men’s underwear department (it was a hard decision, believe me!), I decided to join John and we proceeded to the escalator to take us down to the basement.  Upon arriving, I was amazed just how quiet the men’s underwear department was.  It was almost as if we had taken a trip in a time machine to another less busy day than Black Friday.  John was in his element as the Calvin Klein’s were on offer so he was getting a great offer on an already great offer (if you get my drift!).

Next stop was to find Anna on the Ground floor, or as we should remember as we are in the States, the first floor.  Fortunately, she rang me on my mobile phone and we were able to meet up quickly.  She too had been successful in her purchases.  Macy’s was now fast becoming like we Brits like to say ‘as busy as Piccadilly Circus’, but John pointed out that I had still not made a single purchase.  He had kindly offered to buy me some underwear and Anna was forever asking me if I liked this item or this item in the hope I would say yes so she could buy me something, but I was having none of it.  It was only when I asked a Sales Assistant, who seemed to be trying to wrestle a coat back onto its hanger, why everybody seemed to be buying crazy, that my shopping motor started.  “The prices of everything would start to go up again at 2pm”, he told me.  Well, I’d never heard of that practice before when prices start to rise as the day went on, so a trip to the menswear department was on the cards.Miracle on 34th Street original props in Macy's New York

Before we left Macy’s, we also visited their Christmas department which I was so pleased about as I was able to view some of the original props used in the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th street.  This completely made my day and I was now one of happiest people in New York City on a Black Friday afternoon.

On The Town - New YorkAfter dumping all the Macy’s shopping bags back at the hotel and having a quick light lunch, we made our way to the theatre as we had tickets to see “On The Town”.  I was the only one who knew a little about the story and the show was not only very entertaining but, as far as we were concerned, a must see. However, what intrigued me more than anything else was some sweets/candy I had spotted in the shop at the theatre.

Salt Water Taffy - New York

Now in the UK, us Welsh people are sometimes referred to as ‘Taffs’ or ‘Taffy’, so this item I saw on display in the sweet/candy shop really tickled me.  I never got the chance to buy a packet or find out what it was, so maybe one of my American blogger friends can let me know exactly what ‘Salt Water Taffy’ is, as I, and all the people of Wales, would really love to know.

Key Lime Pie - New YorkThat evening we had another dinner reservation and were hoping it was going to be nothing like the awful experience we had encountered with the previous evening’s dinner reservation.  This time we were in luck and we had an absolutely wonderful meal at “The Sea Grill” which was in the Rockefeller centre.  Not only that, but we had a great view out to the ice skaters as we ate dinner and even saw one guy proposing to his girlfriend on the ice.  Of course she said ‘yes’ and there was a huge cheer for the happy couple.  But, best of all, our desserts this time were not of the deconstructed type.  I have to say that it was the best piece of Key Lime Pie I’d ever tasted.  The only disappointment (if you can call it that) was that the Christmas tree lights in the Rockefeller centre were not due to be switched on until December third, by which time we would be back in the UK.

Key Lime Pie - New York
Yes, I managed to eat the lot.

Day four and Black Friday had proved a great success.  John had got a great bargain on his Calvin Klein’s, Anna had completed even more Christmas shopping and spent far less than she would have in the UK, and I’d had the best day ever with seeing some of the original props from Miracle on 34th Street, and I’d finally had a fully constructed dessert.

However, my mission was still not complete and I now only had one more day left to complete it before we flew back to the UK the following evening.

To find out what happened on Day 5, click here.

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  1. “In the United Kingdom taffy candies are called chews. They are shaped pieces of candy very similar to soft toffee but without the caramel flavouring, and can be found in the form of popular brands such as Chewits or Starburst.”
    And the 1947 movie is best and you can always watch the colorized version if need be.

    1. Thanks for the information on Salt Water Taffy candy, Ronovan Colleen said you could add favouring to the product so I was wondering why a theatre would sell such a product which you had to put together yourself, or am I getting this very wrong? At least with Chewits and Starburst they come ready to eat. As a kid, I loved Chewits but haven’t seen them around for quite sometime.

  2. AWWWW you are such a tease! 🙂 Being a fan of Miracle on 34th Street myself, I would love to see those original props! How cool!

    I love Rockefeller Plaza, although I’ve only been there in the spring and summer. After years of watching it on tv, it was fun to see it in person. I can only imagine how magical it must be in the winter with the ice skaters on the plaza. It’s too bad you missed the tree lighting. That must be pretty amazing too.

    1. The Rockefeller Plaza was amazing, Kat. They decorate it up so well and with there being an Ice Skating Ring in the centre as well, it really makes it feel so Christmasy. OK, we were too early for the tree lights but it certainly did not spoil what was a wonderful evening there.

  3. This day sounds fabulous. I got a bit worried when I read you were going to Macy’s in Black Friday but you seemed well organised. ‘On the Town’. I love the movie. I’m sure the production must have been great. And I’m pleased the deconstruction of foods didn’t spoil your meal…Vicariously enjoying your trip.

    1. Thanks, Olga. Yes, Day four held no nasty surprise for us so it was a perfect day and we crammed so much in that day. ‘On the Town’ was a brilliant show and I’m hoping it will come to London’s Westend because I’d certainly go and see it again. I’m glad you are enjoying the trip. One more day to go.

  4. I think you can buy Turkish Delight at Thornton ‘s…without the chocolate, as Colleen described . Also with chocolate and it is far superior to Fry’s.
    Loving the trip.

    1. Our local Thornton’s closed down a few years back but now you mention it, Dorne, I know which version you are talking about. I’m a Cadbury’s man myself, especially for those Creme Eggs which will be on our shelves come Boxing Day!

  5. This is a fab journal of our trip UH! I’m loving it – with your blog & all the amazing photos you took every detail will stay forever etched on my memory – thanks again u guys! Xxx

  6. Hi Hugh! New York is a great town to visit during the holidays. I haven’t had salt water taffy in a while but I used to love it as a kid. I love the version of ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ that Natalie Wood is in. 😉

    1. So you prefer the 1947 version of the movies then, Vashti. I have to say that I really enjoy watching that version of the movie as well, but because the 1993 version is in colour, it just pips the 1947 version by a whisker for me. It was great to see those original props from the 1947 version though and to be so close too them.

  7. Salt Water Taffy is a sweet sticky candy that you can make yourself: You could add peppermint extract and food coloring to get the pink color like the one that you took pictures of. It is a bit chewy, but then melts in your mouth. I have not had any in years. Now I loved Turkish Delight and remember buying it in the shops with my Tabitha when she was about 3 years old. Another exciting day in New York. I did not know the prices go up as the day goes on at Macy’s. Wow. That is a real gimmick to get you to buy isn’t it? Loving this story Hugh! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Colleen. Now I’m wondering why they sell it at the theatre if you have to add things to it? It was so funny seeing it on display because, as a Welshman, I’m sometimes referred to as ‘Taffy’. But I guess that’s why it’s so funny how different countries use words and how they can mean something so different.

      Do you like the chocolate covered Turkish Delight or the variety that comes with no chocolate on it? Maybe you like both? My John loves the variety covered in milk chocolate. It’s called Fry’s Turkish Delight.

      Yes, it was a great trip to New York. One last post to go. Now I wonder if anything is going to happen on that last day?

      1. I seem to remember the Turkish Delight was in powdered sugar but I could be completely wrong. I have not had it forever. You can find it in the States I just have to look. I hate for your visit to come to an end. It is like I am on the trip with you all. 🙂

        1. Now you’ve got me thinking what it could be, Colleen. Turkish Delight over here is a chocolate bar with a jelly like substance in the middle. I’d love to know what it is you are referring to.
          I would have loved it if you were on the trip with us,Colleen. It would have been even more fun and I’m sure you would have gotten me to have complete my mission by now.

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