New York – What Really Happened – Day 2

New York City woke us bright and early on Day two.  Even though our hotel room was on the twenty-fifth floor, I could hear the car and taxi horns outside.  Day one had been very eventful and I wondered what Day two had in store for us.

New York BloomingdalesLooking at the clock, it was five forty-five in the morning, which was not too bad considering in the UK it was coming up to Eleven in the morning.  While John had a battle with the coffee-making machine in our room, I munched my way through some of the Shortcake biscuits Anna had purchased at Heathrow airport.  Wherever we are, we always start our morning with a cup of tea and shortcake.  Battle finally won, I drunk my tea while we discussed plans for the day.

A quick phone call to the UK to check Toby was behaving, and we met Anna for breakfast.  Wow, I’d forgotten just how big a breakfast in America could be, but that did not stop me eating my corn beef and potatoes, followed by some peanut butter on toast.  Asking for ketchup was a little daunting and seemed to be a challenge for our waiter.  When he finally arrived back with three small bottles of ketchup, it became a competition to find out who could get the seal and cap off their ketchup bottle first.  My goodness, I think breaking into Fort Knox would have been much easier, but at least our waiter provided us with some small knives so we could scoop the ketchup out.  Nice touch, I thought.

Breakfast done, we headed off to Bloomingdale’s in one of the yellow taxis as it was raining and very cold.  We must have been one of the first through the doors as it was quiet inside the store which I was very glad about considering I was on a mission.  Both John and Anna were in a shopping mood because clothes are generally much less expensive in the USA compared to the UK, and the currency rate was in our favour.  It wasn’t long before both made their first purchases and before long we all wanted to sit down and have a coffee. My mission would have to wait.New York Bloomingdales

Finding somewhere to have a coffee in Bloomingdale’s was quite a challenge and a rather rude assistant pointed us in the direction of a very small area on the first floor.  “Do you mean the ground floor?” I asked.

“No, I mean the first floor,” said the sales assistant while sticking his nose in the air making me think somebody nearby had done a bottom burp.  I looked around at John and Anna, before lifting my arms and taking a sniff under each pit to make sure I had applied deodorant.

“So what floor are we on now?” I asked.  He looked at me as if I was asking if the clothes he wore were purchased second-hand from eBay, and pointed to a large number one on a nearby column.  “But I thought this was the ground floor,” I said, convinced we had not gone up any escalators and forgetting that Ronovan had told me that in the States there was no ground floor in stores.  I got a very long hard stare which can only be described as the stare of death from the Sales Assistant before he turned around muttering something about how rude British people were.

I’ve no idea why, but we ended up on the fifth floor and each enjoyed coffee and a cranberry muffin.  I got talking to a rather nice man sitting with us at our table.  He was from Chicago and told me he had left his wife at the hotel so he could get some peace and quiet.  He was here for Thanksgiving which he was dreading as they were spending it with his wife’s family.  Then a rather attractive lady arrived, kissed him on the cheek, and off they went.

New York Bloomingdales CandyOutside the rain had turned to snow and we made our way to Bloomingdale’s Christmas department which was full of twinkle, colours, sweets and candy.  It was as if we had been transported to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.  Anna could not resist and made a few more purchases while I looked at my watch wondering when I was going to complete my mission.

When we left the store it was snowing heavily, so we jumped into a taxi and made our way to the shopping mall in Columbus Circus.  First stop there was Hugo Boss and while John and Anna made more purchases and tried on various clothes, I sat on a lovely comfy sofa and was offered a bottle of water by one of the assistants who must have felt very sorry for me.New York

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“London,” I said, thinking he would not know where Hove was.

“Oh my god, you must know Susan and Todd, they live in London,” said the assistant.  Now it’s very difficult to stop me talking, but this comment completely shut me up for the next twenty minutes while I heard all about Susan and Todd’s engagement party, wedding, and how they liked dipping certain parts of their bodies in chocolate.

“Doesn’t that kinda ruin the sheets?” I eventually asked, seeing that John and Anna were now ready to move on, to which the assistant nodded his head and said I should try it sometime.  ‘Not on my whiter than white pure Egyptian cotton sheets’ I thought.

After the shock conversation in Hugo Boss, we did a little more shopping before deciding we should go for a light lunch.  Thinking we had all ordered a light lunch, we all ended up with a huge sandwich and fries that could have fed the whole of New York City.  One too many cocktails at lunchtime had also made us drowsy, so we headed back to the hotel.

New York Radio CityWe had to be at Radio City at five to see the Christmas Spectacular.  Anna and I were in seventh heaven at seeing this show (part of which was in 3D) and we all had our pictures taken with one of the Rockettes who had the longest legs I had ever seen. They just seemed to go on and on and, not wanting to put my arm around her while our photo was being taken, I was surprised when she put her arm around me.  Visions of the loving couple on the flight over to New York came flashing into my mind and I stepped away a little from Miss Rockette for fear that she was going to fall on top of me from the eight-inch stiletto heels she was wearing.  Boy, I would have fought her for those shoes but I didn’t want to ruin her dress!  I fell in love with Radio City and it would become our centre point while in New York.New York Big Red Baubles

After the show, we decided to walk back to the hotel as it had stopped snowing and we all wanted some fresh air before dinner.  I was so glad about this as I came across the biggest red baubles (yes, I said baubles), I’d ever seen. “Just imagine wearing two of those as earrings or tassels” I shouted out to John and Anna as I took their photo.  The man at the back of the photo looked rather shocked by my words.

Dinner eaten, we all retired.  My last thought of Day two was that I had not completed my mission, but at least there were another three days in New York ahead of us.

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