Why Christmas Socks Make The Perfect Present

I had the shock of my life this morning.  I opened my sock drawer and could not see a single pair of Christmas socks in there.  I know it’s only late November, but me without Christmas socks is like salt without vinegar, Oreos without a mug of tea, or Barbie without Ken (what she saw in him I’ve no idea!)

Christmas SocksI searched high and low for my Christmas socks.  I knew I had some left over from last Christmas and then thought maybe I had worn them out, considering I wear them non-stop from November 20th until Good Friday.  Then after two and half hours of turning the house upside down (yes, I am quite strong aren’t I and I did find a recipe for flaky pastry), I came across two pairs hidden in a teapot.  Phew, that was a relief, I wasn’t going to be without a pair of Christmas socks on the run up to the big day itself.

Now here’s something to think about.  Let me ask you a question.  Are you having a problem wondering what to buy me, the husband, boyfriend, son, Hugh, grandson, me, your dad, me, soon to be husband or civil partner, man who has everything, for Christmas?  Yes, well I have the answer.  Can you guess what it is?  Yep, buy him some Christmas socks.  I promise you now he will love those socks even though a strange expression may appear across his face when unwrapping the parcel and taking out a pair of Christmas socks.  And here’s a bonus, if he has a birthday coming up between now and Christmas, like me…no, hang on, I’m just after Christmas and New Year but that will do, buy him a pair of Christmas socks.  You will become the next best thing to Santa Claus, believe me, when he takes out those Christmas socks from their packaging and places them on his feet.Christmas socks

Once your loved one has his Christmas socks on, make sure he shows them off to everybody. Tell him to pull up his trouser bottoms and reveal those wonderful Christmas socks to all who visit over Christmas, as well to those you pass in the street and to all those at the Christmas and New Year parties.  Better still, tell him to undo his belt, drop his trousers and show off that pair off Christmas Boxer Shorts you also bought him.  I guarantee you’ll never have to worry about what to buy him for Christmas ever again.

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