Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #18 – Stress & Hold


Two for the price of one this week.  I’m inspired.

Written as part of the Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku Challenge

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15 thoughts

  1. Another brilliant post Hugh. I’m nominating you for A Lovely Blog Award. The details are on my latest blog post. If this is not your thing, don’t worry. I just wanted you to know that I think your blog deserves an award.
    I am working on the guest post for you. It might be the weekend, or the beginning of next week before I email it though.


    1. Thank you, Dorne. Are you sure? A Lovely Blog Award? That is so kind of you. I have quite a few awards to get around to accepting and am due to write a post about them soon, so thank you very much for thinking about me and my blog.
      As for the guest post, there is absolutely no rush. I know you are snowed under what with NaNo and all that and I haven’t even started writing mine yet, but I will get around to it I promise. I have an idea, although nothing like I have written before, so I hope you like the finished article once I have written it.


  2. Oooh, oooh. Two haikus this week. I love them both. “…stress of the wind” Love how you say this, I don’t know where you come up with these sayings. Strong winds definitely aren’t too pleasant…you feel like you’ll get blown away. And don’t we all feel so small in the face of strong gusty winds 😀

    I love the photos too. I hope you’re having a lovely autumn where you are and hope it’s not too blustery as winter approaches 🙂


    1. Yes, I was inspired this week, Mabel. These haikus just seem to turn up unannounced. I’m not always sure the words make much sense but they do to me.

      Yes, I am enjoying Autumn, although it has been rather mild for the time of year. Lovely colours all over the place now and I quite enjoy the darker evenings as well. Strange I know, but that’s me 🙂


      1. Ah, inspiration hits you when you least expect it, Hugh. But it seems like it hits you once a week, just in time for you to share a haiku with us all. Isn’t that lovely? 🙂

        I’m a fan of summer but I enjoy a gloomy day every now and then. Sometimes when it’s dark and rainy outside that entices me to stay indoors, do a bit of chores and get on with my writing 🙂


  3. Hi Hugh, the second one is similar to mine, I though about branches, since here no more leaves up there, all on the floor. But the first one, maybe it’s too early and I’m not getting the catch, but if he is not “here” how can his hand be held?


    1. Hi Elizabeth, great minds think alike and all that 🙂 For the first one, I was thinking of somebody who has passed over taking the stress away from somebody who is still here. I’ve no idea if it is possible but I have heard so many times of people who have said they have a guardian angel watching over them, so I was thinking along those lines. You may not feel the hand that is taking the stress away, but it is doing the job of helping in difficult times.

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  4. I love the line ‘let me take the stress away’. This poem is beautiful. It makes me think of my Mum who was such a caring soul.

    It was 42C here today Hugh! That’s about as hot as it gets. My brother cooked roast duck for lunch and we had some chilled rose to cool off. We sat outside under some trees.

    Congratulations on your Lovely Blog Award – it’s well deserved! I haven’t forgotten about my cup of tea post but there are not enough hours in the day! Either that or I will have to speed up on the computer! Happy blogging. Hugh! 😄


    1. Thank you, Maria. Yes, I always remember my mother saying to me “let me take the hurt away” when ever as a child I had fallen over and grazed my knee or hand. She would then kiss the area and say “there you are, all the hurt is going away now” and it seemed to work 🙂

      42c – wow! I don’t think I could have coped with that heat, Maria, but I could have coped with a glass or two of chilled rose 🙂 Sounds like your summer is going to be a very hot one.

      I to am so behind with accepting blog awards and the likes, so no worries, Maria. I may be retired but there is still not enough time in the day for me!

      Take care and Happy Blogging to you as well.

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      1. Marvellous how mothers have that special power to take the hurt away! 😊.

        Apparently our recent heat wave is a record for this time of year. It usually doesn’t get that hot until January! Oh dear – what will Summer be like?? Oh well – good weather for swimming then!

        (And drinking beer?) lol!


  5. I get my Church on with your first offering, Hugh. I can picture Jesus saying to give him my stresses and worries of this world because he is not susceptible to their harms. I know that is not where you went with it after reading the comments but it’s where I went. I gave a similar but more long winded commentary on Nato’s Haiku. Lucky you. 🙂


    1. Isn’t that the great thing about a haiku, Ron. It can be read in so many different ways by each person and everyone will have their own opinion of what is being said. I love it when somebody throws up a question about a haiku I have written, like Elizabeth did, so that I can then go back and explain what my thoughts were when writing it.


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