Audrey – What happened Next

My recent post, “You’re Gonna Have To Face It, I’m Addicted To?” where I dissected a commercial for a bar of Galaxy chocolate (Dove in the USA), and which features an Audrey Hepburn look-a-like, had some of you asking  “What happened next, Hugh?”

Before I give you my version of what I think happened next, here is the commercial again.


The cool breeze passed her face, the area around her mouth now covered with chocolate.  She looked down as he stared at her through the rear view mirror, his eyes a deep, deep brown, almost the same colour as the chocolate smothered across her face.  She looked up again and wondered why he was driving a right-hand drive vehicle when they were in Italy? Then she remembered, but the answer disappeared as quickly as the chocolate had once she had got the wrapper off.  She still held the world record for eating a bar of Galaxy.

The mystery good-looking man could not take his eyes off her. Even with her face and dress covered in melted chocolate, he still thought she was beautiful.  He remembered the day he had seen her buying that dress.  She had flirted with him in front of the other customers in the shop, blowing kisses at him.  She had thought he was winking back at her, but when turning his head quickly after blowing kisses at her, he had mistakenly walked into a double D cup being worn by a mannequin at least a foot taller than him, the bra making direct contact with his right eyeball.  She had gone into the fitting room by the time he had the courage to start wiping the tears away and letting out a loud ‘ouch!’

‘I’ll have to buy a new pair of gloves’ she thought to herself after using them to wipe away the chocolate off her face.  She wished somebody had invented stain remover and then thought she’d try to get away with giving them a quick rinse under the garden tap.  “Damn!” she said to herself, having remembered she’d forgotten to get her heartburn tablets off the old man sitting next to her on the bus, before the incident with the fruit and vegetable stall.

The mystery good-looking man blew her a kiss in the rear view mirror and she raised a hand to catch it, but a gust of wind caught one of the loose gloves in her hand and she turned her head and watched it come to rest in the road.  He did not stop the car, for he was full of excitement and wanted to get her to the other side of the hill in front of them, as quickly as he could.  He had big plans, so he put a little more pressure on the accelerator pedal.

No words had passed between them when the car finally came to a stop.  He looked at her once more through the rear view mirror while she picked up her handbag and fumbled inside it.  She finally looked up at the building now in front of her, her glance immediately going to the upstairs windows where she knew the excitement would begin.  She felt so wonderful by the thought of what was about to happen, the heartburn tablets and the woman with the yellow bowl stuck on her head, no longer mattered.

He finally got out of the driver’s seat and walked around, opening the door for her so she could step out of the car.  She was totally unaware that the wrapper from the chocolate bar was stuck to the back of her dress as she rose herself up from the back seat.   He put out his hand to help her out and melted chocolate passed from her hand to his. The excitement for both was now nearing take off, it would not be long before they were inside the beautiful villa where all the waiting would finally come to an end.  She looked up at him as he wiped his hand on the back of her dress.

“Why did you accelerate so quickly to get us here, I was enjoying the moment?” she asked.

He put his strong arms around her and looked her straight in the eyes and said “The car hood is stuck again, the garage couldn’t fix it and there’s rain on the way.   I’m off to watch the football. Stick the car in the garage will you, before you have your bath. Your mother is dropping off the kids in ten minutes and the dog needs walking.”

Her chocolate scented bubble bath would have to wait.


So, that’s my version.  Did I get it right?  What’s your version of what happened to Audrey, next?  Leave me a comment and let us know.

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33 thoughts on “Audrey – What happened Next

  1. LOL! Hugh so funny. I thought we were heading for Fifty Shades of Galaxy then. What a relief…I dread to think what they would have done with the chocolate and all on a Sunday!
    An absolute blast. I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for my blog!


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