Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #17 – Focus & Stray

Weekly Haiku Challenge

Written as part of the Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku Challenge.

Give it a try by clicking the link above.

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22 thoughts

      1. Sometimes the ‘like’ may not appear if new versions of a browser have come out and at times the cache needs to be cleared out as well. Or we are reading the reply wrong. Either way, you go Hugh you beast.


      2. I’ve had the odd occasion when the space where the ‘like’ button is suppose to be, has a message that says ‘loading’ and it never appears. I usually close the page down and try again and it usually shows up again.


  1. Another great one, Hugh. A very motivational one. The more we make time for what we want or have to do, the more chance we may succeed at what we do. And feel good about ourselves – the more we do, the more we learn.

    I read this quote after a day at work in front of the computer…I think this is a time for my eyes to move away and take a break 🙂 Great job once again.


    1. Thank you, Mabel. I’m glad you saw the haiku as motivating. It’s wonderful how everybody reads these haikus so differently and make up their minds as to what it is saying. I get a great sense of fun reading what everybody has to say about each of the haikus I write. I can read it, as it comes to me, so much more differently than somebody else, even when placing a picture with the haiku. Is it about sport or isn’t it? It’s open to debate 🙂


      1. It’s so good to see you welcoming all of our thoughts on your haikus and stories here. I bet you get ideas for other haikus from hearing what we have to say 🙂

        I tend to read posts and articles without looking at the images first, but it’s hard not to have a peek at the picture first as it’s always at the top.


      2. Most of my inspiration comes from looking at pictures, Mabel, and also when I am away from the computer. For example, while doing some housework this morning, an idea came to me which I really liked a lot. So much so that I’ll be posting the result next week. If the post goes well, I may make a series out of it.


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