One Word Photo Challenge – Chocolate

This week, Jennifer Nichole Wells has set her One Word Photo Challenge as Chocolate.

All pictures were taken in Hove, East Sussex, UK.

Chocolate Front Door
Chocolate Front Door
Which way to the chocolate?
Which way to the chocolate?
Chocolate Bike Lane
Chocolate Bike Lane
Don't we all?
Don’t we all?

© 2014 Copyright-All rights


19 thoughts

  1. That truly is a chocolate door! And the roadway and sculpture too. Great response to the challenge! I love chocolate too …. Chocolate mousse… Chocolate cake… After dinner mints… Chocolate sauce. ( I once had chicken done in a spicy chocolate sauce in a Spanish restaurant ….. Aaaah memories! 😊 )


    1. I’m exactly the same as you for chocolate, Maria. That’s why I picked this house with the chocolate coloured front door. It looks so good that I could almost eat it. Imagine having a bar of chocolate that size. I’m not so sure about chocolate sauce on chicken but, then again, I have heard of chocolate sauces being served with venison, not that I have tried that. But I suppose we have mint sauce with lamb, apple sauce with pork and cranberry sauce with turkey, so why not chocolate sauce with chicken 🙂

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      1. It was not a sweet sauce but had chilli in it as I remember. I thought it strange when I read it on the menu but it was delicious. Interesting that there is a chocolate sauce for venison, too.


    1. Thanks, Claudette. I was going to enter that sculpture one into Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge as it kinda looks really odd, doesn’t it? I hope you are having lots of good chocolate moments. What’s your favourite type of chocolate or chocolate bar?


    1. No problem Jennifer. I’m glad you liked the photos I took for the challenge. I’m only just getting into photography but am really enjoying it. It’s great fun. And thank you for making the challenge possible for us all every single week.


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