Dreamy – The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Dreamy.

Just the one photo to show you for this week’s challenge.  It was taken last week shortly after the sun had risen and was getting to work at burning away the Autumn fog.


I think the fact that I took it through a closed window gives it a dreamy look and feel. What do you think?

Thank you for visiting.  It’s always a real pleasure to see you.

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13 thoughts

    1. Ah, so it was the old looking/reading screen on computer at same time as listening/having conversation on phone. I’ve done that so many times, often with funny results, but sometimes not so funny, ending with embarrassment :0


  1. Yes Hugh, taking the picture through the window does give it a dreamy look. I love the bit of fog in the distance, too. 🙂 A lovely picture of an English town!

    I am flying to Melbourne in Victoria tomorrow to visit a friend. So I will be posting some pictures of my time in this Southern state. It is much cooler there so I have packed my winter woollies!
    I hope all goes well with you, Hugh.


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