Signs – The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Signs.

I spotted this sign in the gentlemen’s toilet/restroom at a hotel we were staying at in Dorset, this summer.  Apparently, it’s a very old sign and I was assured by the Hotel Manager that it had not been put up especially for me.  A sign like this was commonplace in most public conveniences at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Am I in the right room?
Am I in the right room?

Our next sign was seen on Hove seafront.  This is a commonplace sign seen at many seaside resorts in the UK.  The sea air has started to cause parts of the sign to rust. Anyone for Fish & Chips?

Fish & Chips

Finally, with Halloween almost upon us, I think I may have found the perfect place to buy the ice cream from.

Ice Cream for Ghosts

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26 thoughts

  1. Fish and chips and ice-cream! A very filling meal and a very sweet dessert. Though yummy, they must be eaten in moderation 🙂 I like the new blog look, Hugh. Very streamlined, well done.


    1. Yes, a perfect meal for a Friday here in the UK, Mabel. In fact, I can remember ever since I was at school that most places here in the UK serve fish & chips on a Friday. Can you guess what I’ll be eating for dinner this evening? 🙂 Thank you very much for the lovely comment about my new look blog as well. Looks as if most people like the new look and I’m certainly happy with the final result.


    1. Lol, I’ve only ever seen it sold at that one place, Paul, and that was in the Cotswolds where I took the picture. I wonder what would happen if you had some? Maybe it would make you float or perhaps become invisible or perhaps light up like a jack lantern?

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  2. Well, you’re first sign would confuse the heck outta me if I was a guy! 🙂
    Then I absolutely would have to go get the good from the 2nd and 3rd sign premises, just to adjust my psyche.


    1. lol, you should have seen my face when I saw that first sign, Claudette. I had to read it at least five times just to make sure I was reading it correctly. I later found the exact same sign in another men’s room in the same hotel, but it was an original, whereas the one I took a photo of had been repaired and made to look almost brand new. Strangely, it was only the one hotel I ever saw that sign in.


      1. Quite 🙂 Can you imagine if somebody had put up a sign in those days that said “gentlemen, check your zip? However, how very kind to be reminded to check that everything was where it was suppose to be. Nothing about washing your hands, just check that everything is where it should be 🙂

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  3. Oh Hugh! that first sign made me laugh so much! 😀 Interesting how words are used differently over time.

    I wouldn’t mind trying the ghostly ice-cream. I’ll just park my broomstick at the door after I’ve picked up my fish and chips. 😉 Great post!


  4. Clever. I’m taking Photography from WP. Martha has a digital camera, and today I’ll be charging and learning about operation. Both Martha and I have familial tremor, so it’ll be tricky finding a way to get a picture that isn’t supernatural looking, fuzzy and unfocused. Giggling. Yes, I giggle, chuckle and titter. Sometimes you make me chuckle, as you did with the sign from the gentleman’s room.


    1. I was thinking about it as well, Meredith, but I figured as it was the first one, there would be a huge amount of people on the course which, of course, means lots of new people to connect with, but I have a few other writing schedules to catch up on, so I thought I’d join up next time. Good luck with the course and I look forward to seeing your photography work.

      Yes, that sign in the gentleman’s room is a classic sign from many, many years ago. I was so glad the hotel kept it as it gives many people a good laugh as well as something to think about.

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