Happy Barkday (Birthday) To Me

I’m celebrating my third barkday today (birthday in human language) and thought I’d post some pictures of me on Hugh’s blog while he is away from the computer.

I hope you enjoy them and will join me in Chicken and Custard for my barkday dinner this evening.

Chicken and Custard are two of my favourites along with Rice Pudding, Sausages, Cheese and Mince Pies.  Oh, I do eat dog food as well, the other stuff is for treats.

When is your Barkday and how do you celebrate it?

See you all again soon. Lots of barks and waggly tails, Toby (the Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

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19 thoughts

  1. Happy birthday Toby, you are so handsome that I think I am falling in love! I used to have a dear friend called Molly who was a jack Russell so I know what you terriers are like lol 🙂


    1. What? Cyril, thanks for telling me about this. I had no idea he had been on my WordPress account again. He’s going to have to have his own account I think and stop using mine. I’m sure it’s putting my followers off, although looking at the stats since he posted that last post…well?

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  2. What a lovely pink tongue you have, Toby! And how good you look in your close-ups.
    I wish you a very woof-terful barkday. My barkday is in June and I like to eat smoked salmon and vintage cheese washed down with sparkling shiraz. 😀

    Sending you kisses and cuddles you gorgeous doggie you!


    1. Yes, I’ve been told I take a great selfie, Maria. I had a great Barkday, a new ball to play with, a squeaky hippopotamus, and lots of treats. Next stop Christmas 🙂
      Your barkdays sound very nice. I like smoked salmon and cheese as well, but prefer a bowl of water with mine. However, I have licked up the odd spillage of wine on the odd occasion, hic!

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