Q&A #3: from Hugh’s Views and News

Here’s some great advice from Rachael Ritchey at An Author in the Works, for anybody thinking about starting a blog or may have just started blogging.
My thanks to Rachael for answering my question.

Fiction by Rachael Ritchey

Question of the day 2


from Hugh’s Views and News,

asked a good question for which I hope I have a worthy answer.

Hugh is curious-

he wants to know what my advice would be to anyone wanting to start a blog.

Hugh already has a great blog.  He really doesn’t need my advice, seeing as how I’ve got an okay blog. 🙂  I think great outstrips okay any day, but hey!  Who’s judging?! (everyone, but that’s beside the point. haha)

I’ve been given advice about my blog. Of course, I didn’t get any of that advice until after I started one. Well, no, I take that back.  I think the first piece of advice I got about blogging was from some friends and family on my Facebook page. They noticed me writing long “notes” on my timeline.  They said, “Why don’t you start a blog?” I’m not sure if they thought I…

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