Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Roads

This week’s Fun Foto Challenge from Cee is Roads.

These were taken on our journey across the new Severn Bridge on our way into Wales on Thursday last week.

Severn Bridge Severn Bridge Severn Bridge Severn Bridge Severn Bridge

There are pay tolls on the Welsh side of the bridge, but vehicles only pay when entering Wales.  The cost for a car using the bridge is currently £6.40.  When travelling across the bridge from Wales to England, there is no pay toll.  I’ve often wondered why that is?

This last picture was taken a few winters ago from the bedroom window of our home.  The snow lasted a few days and as you can see from the picture, just about everything comes to a halt in the UK as soon as the first snowflake falls!

The Snowy Road - Shirley Drive, Hove
The Snowy Road – Shirley Drive, Hove


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7 thoughts

  1. Snow photos always make me think it must be amazing to have such a change in seasons. Everything looks so different. We really only have two seasons here – winter and summer. And winter only means colder nights mostly. Lovely snow photo, Hugh.

    I like the road photo fourth from the top with the bus in it – I like the composition. all these photos give a good sense of movement. Well done, Hugh. 😀


    1. Thank you. That is one of the great reasons living here in the UK Maria, as we get to enjoy four seasons. Sometimes they can merge all together and we can get all four in one day! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get some snow this winter. On recent walks with Toby we are already seeing the change in colours on the leafs and I’m hoping to get some great photo’s of all those colours once they began to burst out.

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  2. That’s the spirit, Hugh! You have got a photographers’s eye now! I enjoy seeing the different seasons in England. Melbourne is also known for having four seasons in one day. It gets pretty cold down there but it doesn’t snow.


      1. My father-in-law came to visit one year when we had way too much snow (he was from Cornwall). I woke up early and noticed he was missing. I asked my mother-in-law where he was and she pointed out the window, smiling. There he was shoveling over a foot of snow. I stuck my head out the door and asked him if he was nuts. He said he never saw so much of it in his life and wanted to play in it, but the closest he came was shoveling it! He spent nearly the rest of the day hanging around outside like a little boy, taking pictures and just having fun!


      2. What a wonderful story. When the snow does come to us here in the UK, most people are out straight away having fun but when it lasts for weeks on end most soon get very fed up of it. I can’t imagine a winter without snow, I would feel so cheated. I’m hoping we get some this winter as our last winter was very wet, windy and mild.


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