Meet Hugh’s Views & News-Interview

What a great way to start a brand new week.
I’ve been interviewed by Ronovan, a fellow blogger, who I look up to as my teacher of all things blogging.
Please, not only check out my interview with Ronovan, but also check out his blog, because I can guarantee it will be one of the best blogs you will ever read.
Have a great week everyone.


I blog. Amazing discovering isn’t it? Being a blogger you also follow other bloggers. Sometimes you don’t know how you ended up making the acquaintance of someone, yes I can make that joke about myself but no one else can (amnesiac rights), but you are glad you did stumble upon someone. One such person grabbed my attention not only because he liked my attempts at writing, but one day a photograph he posted jumped out at me. No it did not literally leap from the page, at least I don’t think it did. Perhaps he has sort of 3D Mac power. Yes, I am afraid to say that he is one of . . . those people.

Thinking now perhaps it was 3D and knocked the memory out of me. I do have a habit of following it  hitting my head. But I do have the memory that this man…

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