Between #photography

Almost there, but still between
Almost there, but still between

This weekend’s WordPress photo challenge is Between.  

The pictures were taken in my garden.  This is my first attempt at a photo challenge.  What do you think?  I’d be delighted if you left me a comment letting me know.

Catching up, between unripe and ripe
Catching up, between unripe and ripe

19 thoughts

    1. Thanks very much Claudette. Those are great words coming form such a wonderful photographer. It was Maria Brinkley and yourself that have given me the inspiration to start taking pictures after seeing what you both produce for us. You know, I think I am getting hooked now. These were only taken on an iPhone, so maybe I should add a camera to my wish list?


      1. Thanks for those lovely words Hugh. I am not, by any lengths, a dedicated photographer, but I like to take snaps, and the more you do the more you see. The iphone (and ipad) seem to take lovely photos – I don’t have one myself, but my daughter has an ipad, and the colour on that is sometimes better than my camera.


  1. Excellent interpretation of the prompt. You captured each between youth and maturity. At first the strawberry photo was my favorite because it makes you think a moment, but then the flower is just a beautiful photo that you don’t see. That one was excellent. Make sure to place a watermark or copyright on these. Seriously. Also the two strands of spiderweb on the flower is kind of cool. Another between aspect, like a bridge between the flower and the object out of the picture.
    Much Respect


    1. Thanks for the advise about the watermark, Ronovan. I actually have a ‘copyright’ clause on my blog, but because of the theme I use, everything other than my posts are hidden behind the blog. I was concerned about this but, during the Blogging 101 course I did back in April, Michelle W, who was running the course said that many blogs were now moving to this style. I actually added some extra words in my tagline just under my photo yesterday, informing people that more information about me and my blog could be found by pressing the left icon button above my photo. However, I will look into water marking photos going forward.


  2. Excellent photos Hugh! See – you have hidden talents! Thanks also for the mention! 😊. What kind of flower is that? I don’t think I have seen it before and it looks like you have good weather there for growing berries.

    I use a canon digital camera and like the results I get. They are not expensive. However your photos taken with your phone look great.

    I don’t have an iPhone myself but some of my photos are taken with my iPad mini. I have an app called Pano camera 360 that lets me take panorama shots. It’s lots of fun! 😊


    1. You’re very welcome Maria. You deserve a mention as it was Claudette and yourself who inspired me to get involved with photography and now I’m loving it. I’m going to see how I get on, and then maybe add a camera to my wish list, or maybe upgrade my iPhone. I’d love to hear from you about the photography apps you use on your iPad as well, as I would not know where to start with those.


      1. I found my photo apps by googling 10 best photo apps and checking them out. Most of them are free to download. I use ProCamera which apparently takes better shots and I use PicShop for cropping and resizing photos.

        I also use Camera+ for enhancing photos. It has a ‘clarity’ button which makes some shots more detailed – such as ones taken on a dull day.

        I resize photos so that no side is larger than 800 pixels. This makes photos quicker to load. These photo apps are all easy to use. 😊


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