Our Trip To The End Of The World


We’ve been to the end of the Earth and back again and I wanted to tell you all about it. The end of the Earth has its drawbacks, but it also has a few good points.

Our journey to the end of the Earth started from Gatwick airport where we were fortunate to have access to the business lounge. We were able to eat and drink as much as we wanted and it did not cost us a penny. Free wi-fi access, big comfy sofas and plenty of newspapers and magazines to read for those not wanting to check emails or surf the web. We could even have a shower to freshen up, with free expensive shower gel samples and lotions to tempt us in.

The flight to the end of the Earth took just over four hours but again we were lavished with free drinks and a nice meal whilst on board. Being called ‘Sir” by the plane crew, I felt as if I’d been knighted and I imagined myself knelt in front of Queen Elizabeth whilst she placed a sword on both my shoulders and announced “arise Sir Hugh”.

The airport at the end of the Earth was small and only had the one shop, but we were very quickly though its passport control and found ourselves in the arrivals area where lots of faces watched us as we came though the doors. Some held signs up and I felt like a film star walking down a red carpet, what with all the peering faces on us. Unfortunately, none of the signs being held up had our names on them even though we had booked one of the inhabitants from the end of the Earth to collect us. We waited whilst wondering if this was the end of our journey for now and we’d have to make our own arrangements, but some ten minutes later a sign with our names appeared and we were greeted with a smile and a handshake as we approached the inhabitant who held up the sign with our names on it.

The journey to the apartment was a little hair-raising to say the least. The inhabitant swerved along the dark road and sometimes it felt as if the vehicle were only on two wheels as it went around corners. I started to compare it to a ride at a theme park and waited for the vehicle to do a ‘loop the loop’ or to be splashed with a huge amount of water at any time, but fortunately neither happened.

Now, into our third day here, as I write this, I really feel like this place is the end of the Earth and, on occasions, I have compared myself to that of Jason and his Argonauts. We have a lovely view of the sea from our patio, but I do think that if we set sail from the nearby shore and headed straight out to sea, we would eventually fall over the edge of the Earth (after all the world is flat isn’t it?). Later, we may go to try to find that Golden Fleece that is said to be on this island but, then again, maybe not if we have to fight a huge metal soldier and a Cyclops or two.

Unfortunately, the end of the Earth does not have a very good wi-fi system. They do have wi-fi here but it’s so slow. I reckon I could spent a couple of hours around the pool before my emails finally downloaded. Sometimes the wi-fi will work and then, without warning, it disappears as if it has to take a nap because it’s so tired from all the hard work. As for television, the end of the Earth seems to transmit channels from other parts of the world, on occasion with a rolling picture or fuzzy sound, but I’m not going to complain about that because we shouldn’t be watching television anyway. We should be out on an adventure to find that Golden Fleece!

I’ve tried tuning a radio out here, but can only get the one station. I’m not sure what language the presenter is talking, it’s certainly not one I know, so it must be the native one. The music they play only seems to be that of a guitar. However, when we were in the local restaurant, they were playing tunes from the 1980’s. First we heard “Brother Louie” by Modern Talking and then “Boys, boys, boys” by Sabrina. Wow, both took me back and I wondered why it had been many years since I’d last heard those songs. It’s the same in the Supermarkets over here, nothing but bands from the 1980’s being piped out at shoppers. I love it!

If I were back in the UK, you would not thank me for the fruit and veg out here. It does not look very appetising, all of it having to be thoroughly washed before consuming, but my goodness, the flavours are unbelievable. I’ve never tasted such good fruit and vegetables. Why don’t we have the same in the UK, instead of it all having to be a certain size and grade and polished up 15 times before the supermarkets will accept it? The local produce out here is simply amazing!

The local inhabitants of the end of the Earth are all very laid back, nothing seems to stress them out. They take things in their stride and rush hour lasts all of two minutes. They are all very friendly people and seem delighted to see us. They all speak very good English which I think puts us Brits to shame. They even have the same pillar boxes and traffic lights as in the UK, so who ever invented those items must have paid a visit over here and persuaded the government of the end of the Earth, to adopt the same.

Finally, it’s very peaceful here. Everybody seems to be in bed by 10pm and up and about by 7am. They are all certainly ‘morning people’ here, which suits us to the ground. If it had been the 1980’s and we were both some 20 to 30 years younger, then I have heard that on the other side of this island we call the end of the Earth, there is a place where people can party all night long if they so wish. Apparently it’s called Ayia Napa!

So would we come back to the end of the Earth? Well, yes we would, but I’m not going to take that boat ride out to sea in case we do fall over the edge.

20 thoughts

  1. If Cyprus is the end of the Earth, then what does that make Australia? Lol! Seriously though, it does sound like you had a lovely relaxing time. Interesting that the fruit and vegetables are so good there. Thanks for the tour around this Mediterranean Island, Hugh! 🙂


    1. You’re welcome Maria! I only compared Cyprus to the ‘end of the world’ because of the mythology there, which in turn made me think of the film Jason and the Argonauts. Also, because of all the slow wi-fi and problems getting a good TV signal, it was almost like being back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Such a beautiful island though which I would recommend to all to visit at sometime (although not in July and August when temperatures can reach 45 degrees centigrade, unless of course you like very hot weather!).


  2. Wow! 45 degrees would be a bit warm! I remember that film Jason and the Argonauts. Particularly the scene with the skeleton sword-fighters. That scene really scared me when I was a kid!


  3. Aren’t you the very same chap who was looking for another place called in the middle of no where? If so, did you find it? Lovely pictures. Did you obtain fruit and veggies in a market, open air? I’d love to know something about the pictures.


    1. I am indeed and I thought I had found it in Cyprus, but alas it was the ‘end of the earth’ I found. No, the fruit and vegetables were all purchased in a Supermarket and although they looked very unappealing, I have to say they were the best fruit and veg I’d certainly tasted. With regards the pictures, (the one named Aphrodite’s rock) – the rock is the small one in the distance. They say this is the point where Aphrodite (the greek goddess of love) emerged from the sea and that anybody who swims around the rock three times will forever have eternal youth. I’m afraid I can’t swim, so was not able to have a go.


      1. I can highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to visit. It’s a great place to visit especially if you like history and mythology. Some great old Roman sites to visit as well as old ruins from the days of greek mythology.


  4. can’t believe this is your first attempt at taking pictures for a post! they’re beautiful ^^ brings a little sunshine back to good ol’ blighty (as i type this it’s the usual grey out there :P)

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, my first attempt at taking some photos for a post was such great fun, that I will almost certainly do some more! Back in the UK now and like you, grey skies and rain. Had to put the heating back on last night and it’s nearly June!


  5. Being a forces brat, I have had a lot of friends who have lived there, never actually made it myself!! Know what you mean about the veg!! We Brits are too indoctrinated into the perfect shiny veg mode, which are actually waxy and tasteless!! Only thing I wouldn’t recommend in Spain are cucumbers and bananas. They are nasty!! And I do so miss gooseberries!! Brilliant photos, love them!!


    1. Thanks Nikki. My first attempt seems to have gone quite well. I was inspired by Claudette, Maria and yourself, plus a few others to take some photos. The cucumbers in Cyprus were actually very nice, small and prickly, but the bananas were a ‘no go’ like in Spain. Gooseberry crumble and custard – yum, yum, a definite favourite of mine.


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