Castles, Theatres and a Trip Back to the Past (all without use of my Time Machine)


A few weeks ago, I posted a blog all about time travel and how much I would like to travel back to my past. Well, last week I got the chance to do just that and all without the use of my Time Machine (Oh, if only I really did have one).

I had not seen my Sister (Jayne), Niece (Holly) and Nephew (Lenny) for over 8 years, but last week they arrived all jet lagged from Australia. Little did I know when I met them at Gatwick Airport, that Holly and Lenny were about to take me on a journey back to my past. The fun started as soon as we got home with a trip to the Palace Pier in Brighton, and from then on the week was packed with visits. It was not until the following day, with a trip to Lewes castle, that I got my first taste of the journey back to my past. Walking around the castle with them, I started to remember how my mother, father, grandparents, aunts and uncles would take Jayne and myself on similar trips. Now here I was all grown up and doing the same thing, only this time I was in the grown up shoes. The memories came flooding back to me, but not only that, so did the feelings from those days in the past as well. It was almost as if I was there again, back in the 1970’s, my parents wearing flared jeans and platform shoes, hot tea in a thermos flask and cucumber sandwiches packed in plastic boxes. These memories and feelings from my past never left me all day.

Two days later we were off to London for the day as Holly and Lenny wanted to see a musical and visit Harrods among other things. I’d been to Harrods before, but not for sometime, so was not sure about the layout of the store. After a visit to the food hall to see the huge Easter Eggs on display, Holly and Lenny wanted to visit the stores Toy Kingdom. We got into the elevator on the ground floor and pressing the first button I touched whilst Jayne tried to take a photo of us, I was amazed when the doors opened and was greeted by huge soft toys, rocking horses and gadgets all kids would love. Not only had the elevator taken us the right floor but we had also arrived at the very department we had wanted to visit. We spent the best part of two hours in Harrods, most of which were spent in Toy Kingdom. Not wanting to spoil the fun too much, I announced we needed to get back to Victoria so we could get to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see Billy Elliott, the musical I had booked. By now, my thoughts about the past had long gone but it would not be long before they would reappear.

I watched the faces of Holly and Lenny as the show started, their eyes opened wide and the excitement of being in the theatre in London plain to see. It was when I turned my head to face the stage to watch the show that I was transported back to my past again. Here on stage were the 1980’s, the clothes, the hairstyles, the characters and the coloured Pifco Fairy lights which had once dressed our Christmas tree back then. I felt as if I was watching my life though a huge window and those feelings from my past came rushing back and have never left me since then. I guess that could be because Holly and Lenny are here for at least another week and although not staying with me for the next few days, we have another trip to London planned before they board their plane back to Oz.

So a big thank you to Holly and Lenny for transporting me back to the past and all without the aid of a time machine. Oh, and by the way you two, when you do come back to visit me again, please work your magic and take me on that wonderful trip back to the past again.

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    1. Hi Juli, if you click on the WordPress ‘press this’ icon just under the ‘share this’ option at the bottom of the blog, I am sure you can reference it on your blog. If not (and because I am very new to this) maybe ask the question on the blogging 101 forum. Hope that works.


      1. Thanks, Hugh, but that’s a type of reblog. I used to be able to tag related posts that linked to my subject matter, but the option has disappeared. It was probably something I did!
        I think I need to ask The Commons.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast in the big smoke but then, as you always told me: “if you’re bored of London, you’re bored of life!!” So much to do it’s a shame they had so little time. It was great to meet them and thanks for introducing me! xxx


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